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Kyle and Justin – Co-Owners and “Good People”

We are a couple of guys in our mid-twenties that love learning and writing about personal finance.  We realized early on what a difference a few personal finance basics can make in a person’s life, especially if they learn them at a young age.  We think that our Generation had better get used to depending on their own skills and knowledge, because they likely won’t get much help from elsewhere.

My name is Kyle Prevost and my partner’s name is Justin Bouchard.  We started our blogging adventures in the year we left university, and we decided to create a resource that would help post-secondary students everywhere – My University Money.  As we’ve matured (well… gotten older anyway, not sure how much the maturity level has actually increased) we’ve learned a ton about personal finance for all ages, and we enjoy soaking up more everyday.  We decided that we needed a new outlet to write about topics that were more pertinent to young adults in general (such as investing, discount brokerages, mortgages, asset allocation, and other cool stuff) instead of focusing solely on the student crowd.  Young and Thrifty was the perfect fit!  We’ve also written a book aimed at Canada’s post-secondary students titled: More Money for Beer and Textbooks.

I teach high school humanities for a living and Justin is the Dean of Residence at St. John’s College on the University of Manitoba campus.  We aren’t particularly spectacular, but we do find that a lot of financial-related stuff that we believe is common sense, isn’t so common.  This is why we love blogging – to help other people and get some cool interaction out of the deal.

Check out our “sister site” over at My University Money for more details on us, and some great articles.  Here are a few of our favourites from Y and T:

Teacher Man – Friend and Staff Writer

My pen name is Teacher Man.  The name is a tribute to a Frank McCourt who was an amazing public school teacher and author of Angela’s Ashes.  I’ve known Justin and Kyle for years and enjoy talking about all things personal finance.  I’ll handle the bulk of the comments here at Y and T mostly because I have too much time on my hands and like to argue too much.  You can also find me writing on other personal finance sites all around the web.

 Young – Staff Writer/Original Owner

I’m a twenty- something (well, unfortunately now mid to late twenty something) who realized she had a steep learning curve to overcome when learning about saving money and investing… and  I want to share what I have learned and am currently learning with you.

I started investing my money about 6 years ago, and I have had my fair share of trials and tribulations, including my experience with high MER mutual funds through Investors Group, a plethora of different financial advisers, GIC’s that gave me minimal interest, and on to buying ETF’s, cost effective TD e-series, and onto my favourite, dividend investing.

The reason I wanted to start this blog is because it seemed like the average “Generation Y” guy or gal didn’t know what an RRSP is.  Most of my friends tell me “it’s a mutual fund”.  So that’s why I am here.  To try and explain that it is not a mutual fund, but it can hold a mutual fund.  And explain much much more about that elusive and tangible thing, money (and how to save it)!

One of the other reasons I decided to create this website is that my sisters, didn’t know the difference between a debit and credit card. Yes, I know that is a bit extreme, but I plan to write about the very basics to the higher level in terms of saving, investing, etc. etc.  because our generation didn’t get taught about money in school.  And our generation’s parents  (bless their baby boomer hearts) worked so hard so that we could live in excess and take everything for granted and not work a day in our lives and not know “what the value of a dollar” is (NOTE: I’m not talking about my personal experience, I’m talking about generation Y in general).

I hope to talk about anything and everything minutely related to money, saving, finance, investing, and being thrifty (like cheap but good eats in Vancouver or ways to save while traveling). I hope to share with you my hopes and goals of the eternal quest for balance with life, money, happiness, and love.  But mostly about the balance of money…:)

Vancouver in all it's glory (minus the rain the other 300 days of the year)

I hope to blog about my financial journey anonymously, only mr. youngandthrifty and my close family know (and unfortunately for them have to hear) about my passion for personal finance blogging.  I hope that’s okay with you!  (Really don’t want friends and family knowing about my net worth, if you know what i mean!) Besides, it’s more fun and liberating to be able to voice my opinions openly on this blog.

P.S. FYI My sisters know what the difference between a debit and credit card is now.  I also got them signed up for a High Interest Savings Account through ING.  Baby steps…:)

I promise to try and make my blog entertaining to read (because I seriously am passionate about personal finance!) so please join me on my eternal quest for thriftiness and Follow me on Twitter!

I love reading email, so please feel free to shoot me a line here.

Here are some of my favourite posts thus far, so please check them out!

stay frugal my friends,

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