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Hong Kong on the Cheap
  When people think of Hong Kong, they think of it as an expensive place to travel to.  Hong Kong can be as expensive as you want it to (think pricey glamorous restaurants at $100 USD per person) or as cheap as you want it to (think $0.40 tram rides or $5 wonton noodles). On […]
FlipKey vs Airbnb Review
If you are over 50 or just signed up for the newfangled invention called the internet, go ahead and Google “Airbnb” and then come back… For the rest of us, you’ve no doubt heard of the “Uber for your house”.  Airbnb has come to dominate the “vacation rental” market.  In just seven short years the […]
Boracay on a Budget
Boracay (yes I took this picture myself!) is considered one of the world’s top destinations for tropical white sand beaches and is comparable to destinations such as the Carribean and the South Pacific.  Boracay is a tiny little island in the Philippines, one of 7000 islands i the Philippines.  It is not a very large […]
Bohol on a Budget
Bohol is a small island close to one of the largest cities in the Philippines, Cebu city.   It is the 10th largest island in the Philippines, so the 10th largest out of 7000 islands in the Philippines.  It is one of the islands in the Visayas and is a 2 hour boat ride out […]
Kuaui On The Cheap
On my first visit to the Garden Isle, also known as the beautiful island of Kuaui, I was pleasantly surprised by its beauty and simplicity.  As someone who has only been to Oahu on my Hawaiian island adventures, I thought Kuaui was beautiful and well worth a visit. Although I only stayed for about three […]
When people think of Waikiki and Oahu, they rarely think of “budget vacation”.  Instead, they think of palm trees, the world famous Waikiki beach, and beautiful turquoise water.  There are a few ways in which you can save money on your next trip to Oahu, and I’ll share some with you.  Hopefully these tips will […]
Amsterdam on a Budget
Amsterdam is the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  It has beautiful canals and over 1500 bridges.  I have been to Amsterdam a few times so far and have always enjoyed myself because of the ease of getting around (just follow the canals) and because there is so much to do in Amsterdam. Getting […]
Lets make it clear first.  Tanzania is not cheap.  I repeat, Tanzania is not cheap.  I have never spent this much money on a trip before.  However, I feel that although Tanzania is expensive in general (and perhaps not what you would expect for traveling in Africa) there isn’t much way around it. Tanzania was […]

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