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Roam Mobility Review
Whenever I head down to the United States with my Nexus (yes, the Nexus pass really is worth it in my humble’s a post on how to apply for it) which is about every few months or so when I do my outlet mall or Trader Joe’s run, I usually (well, 99.9% of the […]
How To Use A Podcast
No I am not trying to sell you an eBook on how to make the perfect podcast and I’m not looking to rent you my god-like podcast consulting services at an “ungodly” rate. I don’t care if you make a podcast, what I want to talk about today is how to use a podcast from […]
I promised a few weeks ago that I would include a post on some of my favourite apps that help manage my personal finance more easily.  I know I promised to do it last week, but I thought you might be somewhat iPhone info overloaded, so I decided to give a break for a week.  […]
Yesss! I have finally received my iPhone 4 (just supported the Bay area, Financial Samurai!), and I was able to get it before the September 30 cut off for the free i Phone 4 case.  I wanted to hold out on my review until I had a week or two to give it a good […]
I was on my boyfriend’s computer the other day trying to look for travel deals at his place, when I got bombarded by “Your computer is not safe, do you want to renew your antivirus software??” or something like that.  Every five minutes I was asked if I wanted to renew.  Makes me very very […]
Wind Mobile Lands in Vancouver
Sooo Wind Mobile has officially expanded to Vancouver, BC as promised this June.  I was really excited to hear about Wind Mobile when it first came out in December of ’09 and even did a pros and cons list on it (you know I love those pros and cons lists!). Initially the coverage was Toronto […]
Negotiating with Rogers Wireless- Head to Head Battle!
In an earlier post this week, I wrote about a step by step guide on how to negotiate with the contract yielding wireless providers.  Today I’ll reveal the actual flow of the conversation I had when I called in for my sister. Here’s the Scoop on my Conversation with Rogers recently: My sister was paying […]
Step-by-step Guide on How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Contract
Here in Canada we are ruled by only a few wireless service carriers.  Namely these fall into the “big three” otherwise known as:  Rogers (also bought out Fido Mobile), Bell (also in May 2009 bought out Virgin Mobile), and Telus (also carrier of Koodo Mobile)… UH… can you say MONOPOLY?? These guys have been fighting […]

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