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The first commandment of personal finance is not to carry a balance on your credit card. If you have just recently seen the light when it comes to keeping track of and improving your personal finances, then you might have a pesky credit card balance that keeps weighing you down. One of the main reasons […]
5 Ways Big Data Might be Letting You Know You Have Too Much Debt
As we all know, we don’t really need to think anymore because we have networks of supercomputers that can do that for us.  No longer do kids need to make a shopping list for their parents, they can simply give their log in info to their parents and let Amazon make better recommendations for them […]
Defaulting on your student loan can result is some rather grave financial circumstances; actually, not repaying education loan personal debt is usually more serious than not repaying other sorts of financial debt.  Plus, there is no guarantee that you can get rid of your loans at all simply by defaulting and declaring bankruptcy.  In Canada, […]
7 Ways to Know You’ve Got Too Much Debt
When it comes to debt, many people dare not add up the amount they owe, or the total amount of their debt-related monthly payments. To do so would make it all too obvious that they have too much debt. Instead they focus on their ability to afford the monthly payments and skip on their merry […]
Making New Year’s resolutions is a time honored January tradition. The problem is that by February most of those resolutions have been broken and completely abandoned. But there’s one New Year’s resolution that you need to keep, that you cannot afford to give up on – and that’s paying off debt. January is the perfect […]
Can Debt Consolidation Help Me?
It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by debt, especially f you’re a young adult out there and are just starting off.  If you’ve graduated and your student loan grace period has ended, there’s a good chance you’re panicking about paying your loans back. Combined with other debts you might have like a car loan and credit card […]
Using Debt and Failure As Motivation
It’s all fine and well to be motivated by altruistic means, but I would argue that the top performers in most fields are fuelled by something other than the prize at the end of a rainbow. Take professional athletes for example. All of those fancy montages that play during a championship run, and the celebration […]
I’m not sure what I did to deserve all these wonderful PF bloggers knocking down my door to guest post for me… so just want to say a big “THANKS!”.  Financial Uproar is one of my favourite blogs because he tells it like it is and he’s laugh-out-loud funny (especially when he does his Saturday […]

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