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Here’s a guest post from Ed O’Brien about Credit Scores- I don’t know too much about credit scores because I never really had to worry about them (since I’m an angel and always paid my credit card bills on time lol), so I was very interested to see how credit scoring works here in Canada. […]
Youngandthrifty’s thoughts: With the economy currently in distress, gas prices looming higher and higher, and the real estate market in parts of North America in the absolute pits, buying a home or keeping up with payments on a current home loan can seem like a very daunting task.  In order to prevent something called the […]
Net Worth: November 2010 $122975 (- 4.3%) *GASP* Yes, what you see is indeed a negative month compared to last. There’s a huge reason for this…I have officially put an end to home envy (and possibly single-handedly driven myself to the other spectrum, lack-of-mortgage envy)!  BF and I bought a house in Vancouver close to […]
Analysing Your Debt and Cutting Down on Spending
  Here’s a guest post written by Andreas Nicolaides, a personal finance author for the UK based We are all faced with debt in our lives at one time or another, however, managing and controlling your debts is an entirely different matter. Learning how to control your debts is a big learning curve, we […]

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