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6 Financial Tips for a Good Start in Your 20s
While it’s possible to fix your finances later in life, it can be very difficult, and take a lot of work to accomplish this. A much better approach is to start out right. If you start, in your 20s, to keep your finances on track, you will end up in much better shape later on. […]
Why You Need to Monitor Your Credit Continuously
By Kevin Mercadante Many people assume that the information on their credit reports is all good because they pay their obligations on time and always have. While that’s the basic way credit reporting works, it isn’t without its flaws. Different organizations can put information on your credit report, and not just the ones you have an ongoing […]
Side Gigs for College Students Looking to Earn Extra Money
This is a guest post from Mike Collins, owner of My nephew and his girlfriend are both college students and at a recent family dinner they were complaining about the lack of part-time jobs available.  They’ve both applied to all the usual retail and customer service jobs that students typically go for but there are […]
Seeking Out Affordable Housing As A Young Professional
This is a guest post from Paidtwice,  Great topic for generation Y! One of the perks of being a young professional is that, often times, you aren’t too tied down to a given geographic place. During this transitory time in your life you don’t have family or long-standing career obligations to keep you rooted in a given town. […]
  Here’s a guest post by Rick who approached me to share a guest post he had written.  Rick blogs at Invest In 2012, a blog where he talks about investing in stocks and commodities.  He’s part of the Yakezie Challenge and since he wrote this no-nonsense (and practical) guest post I thought I would share […]
Germany and Its European Family
  Hello fellow personal finance readers. I go by the pen name “Teacher Man” due to the fact that I recently graduated from university and am in my second year of teaching high school. About 9 months ago my partner and I started a website called My University Money. It is aimed at helping young […]
Sure, Save Up for the Big Ticket Items- But Don’t Forget the Extras
This is a guest post by Jake Ashaye who wanted to give some tips on saving up for big ticket items. Since it’s Boxing Week (for those of you in commonwealth countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada), you’re probably thinking about buying (or have already probably bought) some big ticket items.  Some of these […]
  This is a guest post by Jessica Bosari who is a mother of two and obsessed with personal finance.  She wanted to contribute an article to Y& Insurance companies like to know as much as they can about you and your personal habits so that they can create the best possible idea of your […]

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