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How To Keep All Of Your Passwords Organized
“Keeping Your Accounts Secure and Organized, One Password at a time” You need an account with almost every website you go to these days, and it’s hard keeping track of all of your passwords. It’s especially hard if some of the sites require changing your password every so often.   Luckily your web browser can remember […]
How to Achieve Findependence at Age 31
The following article is a guest post by Sean Cooper who blogs about personal finance at Sean Cooper Writer. A lot of people consider “Freedom 55” a stretch goal, but for me “Freedom 31” will soon be a reality. In 14 short months, I’ll be able be call myself financial independent. Financial independence or “findependence,” […]
Protect Yourself As an Entrepreneur With Personal Disability and Business Overhead Insurance
Editor’s Note: We called in an expert to talking about a bit of a niche that we needed to brush up on – how to “disaster-proof your life” (to blatantly steal a Preet Banerjee phrase) if you’re a self-employed person.  Brian Poncelet CFP provided us with the necessary statistics and background information that we required.  […]
Jumping from Sole Proprietorship/Partnership to Corporation in Canada
Earning side income or owning a small business can be a very rewarding experience, both emotionally and financially. The obvious perks of such a venture are unlimited earning potential and a whole lot more freedom and choice. In Canada a business can operate as a sole proprietorship or a corporation. Often most small businesses operate […]
What Does Success Mean to You?
According to the Google search engine, the definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose, or a person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. I think it can be safe to say and generalize that most people want to attain success in their lifetime.  Whether that means achieving financial […]
Check Out The More Money for Beer and Textbooks Podcast
Dear Fellow YoungandThrifty-ites, A little over a year ago Justin and I decided to start an experiment.  A lot of our friends told us that in addition to having the perfect faces for radio we should try doing something other than just text-based stuff on this site.  It wasn’t that our writing wasn’t good they […]
Canadian MoneySaver – A New Look & Great Advice for Canadians of All Ages
When Canadian MoneySaver approached me about doing a review of their publication a couple of months ago I was a little bit skeptical.  After all, my memories of the magazine from that last time I picked it up a few years ago revolved around how outdated I thought it seemed.  The graphics and content seemed […]
*If you missed Part 1 of this Picketty Project check it out here.* To the six of you that got through Monday’s post, congratulations!  Now for the stuff most of you actually want to learn about.  (Who cares about the 1% – what can I do to make sure I don’t end up as a […]

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