Since last month, investments that I have purchased have been doing pretty good already (everything [more]
I had to do the calculations three times to double check the numbers because that did not seem possi [more]
Ermigod.  I seriously.  Need. To. Stop spending.  Things will get back to normal after I come bac [more]
Oh dear, I think I spent a lot last month even though I did do it yourself gifts for most of my frie [more]
Haha, I think I spoke too soon about the net worth inertia!  It went back to growing by 0.09%.  I [more]
Finally out of net worth inertia (mildly) because instead of the increase of a measly 0.09% as it us [more]
This net worth inertia is getting to me a bit.  It doesn't really help that I've been shopping a lo [more]
Wow this month was ridiculous.  My credit card bill was almost $5000 this month thanks to the last [more]
$320, 160 (+.4%) I'd say not too shabby this month considering I've been spending like a mad wo [more]
$319,000 (-0.2%) Again there was some mad spending this month.  Some things were a trip to the [more]
How to Get a Decent Net Worth By Age 30
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$319,900 (-1.3%) Some changes this month :)  The reason for the drop is paying for my car insu [more]
youngandthrifty’s May 2013 networth update
$323,950 (-0.4%) I've returned from my quarter life crisis excursion and boy was it worth the m [more]
$324,400 (-0.15%) So in the spirit of my quarter life crisis, I booked a trip to Europe during [more]
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$325,000 (+87%) Yeah, you're not really seeing a typo!  This is ridiculous but I never thought [more]
$173,700 (+2.7%) I'm surprised that this months net worth update is so good looking.  Frankly [more]
$169,400 (+0.85%) Bought an ipad and am paying the price of Christmas and Boxing Day shopping! [more]
$167,600 (+2.7%) I think I am pretty close to breaking the $200K net worth by next month's update [more]
$163,200 (+0.7%) Found my pension contribution information and it's looking pretty good that I ma [more]