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Phew, positive again.  I knew I was saving a lot this month but I didn’t know that it would surpass the loss I was having in my investment portfolio.  My RRSP did well this month but mainly because of the currency exchange I figure. I am planning to go to Portland in August, hopefully I […]
Yay, positive again!  Though it really should have been much more positive, but it was just a ‘medium’ positive no thanks to the downward stock markets.  Mr. Market is obviously kind of grumpy and moody these days, whereas Mr. Real Estate Market in Vancouver is high on a kite somewhere in la-la land. This gain […]
Oh man, I had a feeling this month would be bad, but didn’t realize it would be THAT bad.  For the first time in a few months, I am not in the positive territory.  I saved a lot too this month but this month’s lack of growth is mainly attributed to the stock market.  I […]
Slow and steady wins the internal race, right?  Thankfully my ZPR shares aren’t hemorrhaging as badly compared to earlier in the month (I was down 2300 at one point, now just down 800 in unrealized losses).  I was quite excited about the increase in TFSA contribution room and of course I funneled the $4500 money […]
I must admit I think I am suffering from net worth update anxiety.  I procrastinated calculating my update today.  I think I must have checked out one hour of Youtube videos (I really like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan… the April Fool’s Prank that Rihanna did to Jimmy Kimmel was pretty epic) before hunkering down to […]
Well this month was a little anticlimactic.  The markets were pretty flat.  Not much of a gain compared to last month, but I did spend some time on vacation this month for two weeks and managed to still be in the positive, so that’s not too bad.  My goal is to have a net worth […]
Weee! I made it over $350,000 (celebration belated for a month I suppose but better than nothing).  It wasn’t looking very good for a while but the markets picked up a bit and I made some stealth moves with COS.TO (Canadian Oil Sands) so that was pretty good (see below in the TFSA section on […]
Net Worth: Comparing Apples to Oranges?
When I started calculating my net worth many years ago (just prior to starting this blog I believe in 2009) I was excited, and I still am excited when I do the calculations every month.  It’s a way for me to keep accountable with my personal finance journey to create my own Findependence Day some […]

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