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June 2015 Dividend Income Update
Here we are in the 2nd quarter over, and have the year is through already! Time flies.  In my last update (March 2015) I had just over $5500 of annual dividend income.  Going through the changes to my dividend portfolio took a lot of concentration because of all the changes I made. This quarter I […]
March 2015 Dividend Income Update
Ahh, the start of a new year and the first quarter over.  There were quite a few changes to my dividend portfolio, a lot of my dividend stocks triggered stop losses.  As you can see, I had $5600 in annual dividend income in the last update (December 2014) and now I have just over $5500. […]
December 2013 Dividend Income Update and Questrade IQ Essential Review
I thought it would be nice to end the year with a recap of my dividend income (and really, writing for this blog is helpful as it helps keep me accountable as to what is actually happening with my dividend income) for 2013.  In case you want a refresher, here was my dividend income update […]
youngandthrifty Dividend Income Update August 2013
I haven’t had a chance to update my dividend income portfolio and finally got a chance to!  So after 3 long agonizing months that you have been waiting for an update, here it is!  I’d like to thank you for your patience 😉 I have made a few changes or additions to my portfolio since […]
youngandthrifty Dividend Income Update March 2013
As I mentioned in my year end dividend update in December, I have OCD tendencies and like to see even numbers.  I have about $9000 of contribution room for my TFSA for 2013 (I sold some income trusts back in 2009 I believe for a good profit, hence the extra space in my TFSA). Since […]
What Would You do With $150K?
As you all know, I won the lottery. No, not really, I wish I did (or I wish I was that lucky but I’m not).  I did walk away from the real estate “game” (if you can call it that) with a bit of money.  I suppose the folks at are probably all pissed […]
Passive Income: How to Get It
I had a wise friend once tell me that no one really can become wealthy through their day job, and that people usually become wealthy through money that they put away from their day job, through passive income. I think it was the same wise friend who recommended that I read The Wealthy Barber, so […]
Youngandthrifty Dividend Income Update: November 2012
I am surprised how quickly the DRIP is adding the number of shares to HSE.TO and SLF.TO.  HSE.TO is doing quite well.  SLF.TO also produced a good report recently so I am glad to hear its picking up.  Here’s some more info on DRIPping dividends if you’re interested.  I don’t think I would DRIP my […]

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