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2014 Personal Finance Resolutions Review
I seriously cannot believe that it is the end of 2014 already.  This year seemed like it flew by! To be honest, my personal finance resolutions for 2014 weren’t that exciting, but I will review them to see if I was on target or not.  I spent a lot of money this year traveling and […]
Third-Life Crisis Ramblings
Although Wikipedia does not have an entry for a one-third life crisis, they do have a definition for the quarter life crisis.  As I am now in my 30’s (my heart skips a little even as I type that), I think a more apt description would be a third-life crisis, as I do not anticipate […]
Young & Thrifty Resolutions for 2014
Happy New Year readers!  With a new year comes new goals of course, and for many people these include personal finance goals.  On average, according to the Wall Street Journal, 75% of people (this was an American poll) make a new year’s resolution related to personal finance.  Most people aim to save more money (which […]
Should I Take the Canadian Securities Course (CSC)?
Who knew that saying, “I read a lot of books and periodicals about financial stuff… seriously, here’s an Instagram shot of my bookshelf,” wouldn’t be enough to establish my bonafides in the eyes of certain readers? Apparently I need a little more gravitas, and as we all know, the best way to prove your brain […]
A Year in Review…When Life Throws You a Curveball
I interrupt the regularly scheduled investing and saving money posts for a personal post.  I know you guys like to live vicariously through my crazy life, so I thought you would appreciate this. I can’t believe that it is already November 2013.  So much has happened in my life that I never thought or ever […]
Why Being an Introvert is Good for your Net Worth
I’ve been thinking a lot about introversion and extroversion lately, especially with this awesome post from Buzzfeed sharing the 31 unmistakable signs that you are an introvert.  I know that I do not appear like an introvert because I can be loud at times and depending on the situation or scenario, I’m not afraid to […]
How Two Teachers Plan to Reach Findpendence By 45 – Part 1
When I sat down to start writing on this topic I began to make my jot notes as I usually do for organization purposes (contrary to what you might think when you view the final product, at one point in my writing process there is some thought given to organization).  When I finished jotting things […]
Halfway Point – 2013 Predictions
After realizing that we had passed the halfway point of 2013 I hesitantly clicked back to the predictions I made six short months ago.  Making predictions in a public forum is always a risky venture (unless of course you’re one of the talking heads on TV – in which case the decibel level you make […]

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