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Owning U.S. Real Estate- Tax Structures
Don’t worry readers, I didn’t end up buying U.S. real estate, but admittedly I was very tempted and enchanted by the idea that I ended up doing a bit of research to see how one goes about buying U.S. Real Estate.  In the end I thought that it seemed a bit too complicated for me […]
Know Your Mortgage Penalty
With my new zest to pay my mortgage down faster it made sense to do a little research in regards to the maximum allowed payments I could make on my mortgage without having to pay a mortgage penalty. First of all, if you have an open mortgage (meaning you can pay down your mortgage whenever […]
Why I am Paying Down My Mortgage More Aggressively
I never thought I would say this because initially when I bought my condo I thought I would use the mortgage interest to offset my work at home income or to offset future rental income when I end up renting out my condo to save on income taxes.  However, a couple things kind of put […]
4 Ways to Pay your Mortgage Off Faster
Our mortgages (if you have one) are by far the largest investment that you will make in your lifetime.  At the ripe old age of 31 (I kid, I kid) Sean Cooper will be mortgage free, according to an article in the Financial Post recently.  He lives in Toronto and owns a house worth $425,000 (he […]
Don’t Buy Too Much Home
If you want to be closer to retirement, here’s a good tip for you.  Don’t buy too much home.  You actually need less than what you think you need.  We don’t need to live in 5000+ square foot mansions even if we can afford it.  As a kid growing up, I shared a room with […]
Understanding How Home Equity Actually Works
If I have to listen to one more Canadian tell me that their home is, “The best investment I ever made,” I may lose my mi… well, let’s not be hyperbolic – I’ll probably just continue to internally shake my head at this statement. Yes, in this age of ever-escalating Canadian home values the roof […]
4 Reasons Why You Might Not Want to Pay Down Your Mortgage ASAP
Although most financial experts agree that you want to pay off your mortgage as soon as possible, there are some instances in which it makes sense not to pay off that mortgage debt as humanly possible.  Mortgage debt isn’t necessarily bad debt even though it is technically debt.  It really depends on the individual and […]
IntelliMortgage Review – Is a DIY Mortgage Right for You?
If the HGTV-driven acronym DIY can apply to building a deck or renovating your kitchen, IntelliMortgage’s Rob McLister and Deon Yu believe that surely the same principles can be applied to setting up your own mortgage. A DIY mortgage is essentially a strategy for choosing the best mortgage for your specific situation from amongst the […]

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