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Mortgage Broker vs Bank Mortgage Specialist?
A few years ago, when I made my first home purchase, I was inundated with recommendations on who to use for my potential mortgage.  It was overwhelming to say the least. On the internet, I could see a lot of recommendations to go with the mortgage broker because you have someone working not for the […]
How to Avoid Bad Tenants
Not that I’ve had a plethora of tenant experiences to choose from… but I do have a few experiences where I am able to compare and contrast and see what a good tenant looks like.  If you are renting out your basement you really want to make sure you find a good tenant because you will […]
A Reply to Young – Is the Smith Maneuver Risky?
One of the things that I really like about our website here at Y & T is that you get a variety of perspectives and thoughts from a few different professionals who all know their stuff.  Now knowing your stuff doesn’t always mean that everyone is going to agree on everything. Young isn’t alone in thinking […]
Why I Didn’t use a Realtor to Buy
As some of you know, I have had the opportunity to be involved in two real estate transactions so far.  Both times, I went on to look at properties and contacted the selling agent, organized a showing, and discussed it with the selling agent.  Oftentimes people are unsure how much commission realtors actually make […]
Is the Smith Manoeuvre Risky?
In the past, I was very much interested in starting the Smith Manoeuvre so that my mortgage interest could be tax deductible and I can make my mortgage work for me.  I was intent on using this strategy because it seemed so attractive, so brilliant, and so… well.. scheme-y!  And my name isn’t Young Scheme-y […]
Why I Went With My Manitoba Credit Union for My Mortgage
If you were following my adventures from earlier in the summer, you know that I was looking at re-upping my mortgage.  The choice ultimately boiled down to a Big Six Bank that I have a couple of accounts with versus the Manitoba credit union I’ve banked with in some fashion since I got paid for […]
Tax Deductions On Rental Property Income In Canada
After looking into real estate and if it was truly a viable option in Canada today, I decided that I had better understand some of the tax code associated with the income you get from being a landlord.  I knew that there were several tax deductions available in Canada when you begin earning rental income, […]
Building Fourplex Apartments/Condos In Canada
Until a few weeks ago I had never really thought of investing in real estate.  By far the main factor in my refusal to think about purchasing an income property is the Pain In The Ass (PITA) factor.  See, I’m not much of a handyman and it’s all I can do to keep my own […]

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