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10 Financial Tips For Newlyweds
I recently had my wedding at the end of January and there has been no shortage of people offering me advice on how to have a successful marriage.  I didn’t realise this, but apparently every couple thinks that their relationship is the best in the world, and that many couples also have a compulsive need […]
Financial Freedom: Try Not to Get a Divorce
I have a few friends and acquaintances who are in the middle of some nasty divorces, some of these marriages lasted under five years, and some marriages lasted over 20 years.  Having went through the separation of a 7.5 year relationship myself, I learned that you never really know what life gives you and you […]
Dating and Relationships
I know that some readers don’t really like reading posts about relationships or my dating life (and I know some of you do because we all have voyeuristic tendencies whether we like to admit it or not). The past year and half felt like a long time and was an intense time of learning, hurt, […]
5 Easy Wins to Begin Your Personal Finance Journey
A couple weeks ago on The Money Mastermind Show we talked about how to get started, which isn’t something I’ve thought about for a while now.  Sometimes we get so wrapped up in comparing dividend growth metrics and TFSA vs RRSP arguments that we forget the basics are still what matters by far the most […]
Spender + Saver = Bad Combination?
I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news (well, not like anyone really gives a hoot!) but I think that the promising relationship with new guy I had been seeing for over half a year has deteriorated.  It sucks.  Especially sucks when you have to have to see your friends and acquaintances gush […]
Wedding vs Eloping vs Destination Wedding…Thoughts
Don’t worry guys, I am not getting married any time soon…but with everyone getting married left right and centre (not to mention popping out babies everywhere), the thought kind of well.. scares me. Maybe it scares me because I am a nonconformist in some ways, and maybe it scares me because it is so much […]
How to Split the Costs of Dating
In a perfect world, money would not be an issue. Or maybe if I had a perfect personality (instead of my neurotic, analytical self), dating costs would not be an issue. Or maybe if we lived in a world where traditional female and male roles of nurturer and provider did not exist, then it would […]
Do We Suck at Personal Finance Because We Suck At Math?
“I just don’t get Math!” “Well, there is no use studying math, you’re either good at it or you’re not.” “When will I ever use this in the real world anyway?” As a high school teacher I hear complaints about math constantly (well… I just hear many complaints period).  There is this widespread general attitude […]

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