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Where to Spend Most of the Wedding Budget?
Unfortunately, not all of us can afford to have a lavish $50,000 to $100,000 wedding (nor should we, because that’s a sizable down payment in Vancouver and the cost of an entire home in many parts of the United States).  According to The Knot (perhaps not the best source of credible wedding advice since The […]
Is Debt a Deal Breaker?
When you are dating you try your best to suss out the other person to see if they are compatible with you.  Physically, emotionally, and… financially? Even if someone makes over six figures, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t in debt.  It is the concept of lifestyle inflation, and how much their lifestyle costs them.  […]
Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that Won’t Break the Bank
Valentine’s Day is one of those days that there is so much pressure to perform (uhhhhh in more ways than one, get your mind out of the gutter) that the tension is palpable.  People receiving flowers, chocolates, and jewellery and sussing how much you spent on them to ascertain how much you are interested in […]
Over brunch one day in the summer, my late 20’s friend told me that her dream engagement ring would ideally be a rough cut diamond, which I thought was quite representative of her chic yet down-to-earth style.  She then asked me what my dream engagement ring would be.  I had never thought about what my […]
Finances and Relationships
As many of you know, since my relationship ended with my ex, I have been on a dating rampage.  I think it’s important to find someone who shares the same financial goals and financial values with you.  My ex and I often disagreed on how we should spend money, with him valuing things such as […]
Birth Control on the Cheap: Revisited
I thought I would add a more detailed spin to the post in 2011 I had on birth control on the cheap The invention of birth control pills in the 1970’s has revolutionalised women’s health and family planning. As women, we have over 35 years where we have to “plan” to avoid pregnancy (unless you […]
And This is Why I’m Going to be Single Forever
I recently read some great posts from both Nelson from Financial Uproar (yeah, who knew that nelson could write a good post and be sentimental and thoughtful?  He doesn’t just always write about chips and boobs apparently (ahaha just kidding Nelson, had to get my revenge for you dumping our internet relationship)) and Krystal from […]
Is Paying for Online Dating Worth It?
USA Today says that 1 in 3 marriages now start online. So with my worries for my future expiring ovaries (haha) I thought I might as well give it a whirl.  Vancouver is notorious for being a difficult-to-date city because the women are all fiercely independent and the men tend to be standoffish and aloof.  […]

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