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This post is part of Sun Life Canada’s #retireinspired promotion.  Check out their site here for some cool stories regarding how Canadians plan to get to – and then spend – their retirement.  One thing I am never accused of is overcompensating for something by driving a flashy ride.  Rides don’t get less flashy than […]
How Much Will I Need to Save for Retirement?
To be honest, I know I am saving for retirement because I do not want to continue working full-time slaving away and being in the rat race, but I do not know the exact number that I will need for retirement.  I know it’s somewhere up there, though.  Thought it would be nice to write […]
Why Having a COLA Is Pretty Sweet
Before all of you whole-foods types get up on your soapboxes and start ranting about how terrible my sugar water addiction is for me (Yes, my name is Kyle and I am an addict – I drink 1 can of pop a day), let me stop you.  While Coca-COLA is pretty sweet as well, the […]
Over the last few weeks we’ve noticed a considerable surge in people headed to our site to check out topics surrounding RRSPs and TFSAs.  During the same time period I’ve heard several of my co-workers talking about RRSPs and how “it’s that season”.  Finally, in some of the financial sections of the newspapers that geeky […]
Why You Shouldn’t Be Worried About Your Retirement Just Yet
Retirement planning is one of the most basic pillars of the personal finance blogosphere. Nearly everyone who blogs about anything related to finance will advise you to save for retirement as soon in your working life as you can and to the greatest extent possible. That’s good advice—generally speaking—but if you’re twenty-something and looking to […]
RRSP vs RESP Accounts
For many young and middle-of-the-road families out there the RRSP vs RESP account debate is a very real one that usually creeps up right around tax time every year if not more often. It is often a confusing topic for some people because the financial industry spends a lot of money trying to convince parents […]
What the Baby Boomers can teach us about saving for retirement
Hey guys, this is a guest post by Carly who wanted to talk about her experience writing for a baby boomer/ retirement magazine and what it taught her about personal finance. We see stories in the news every day about how the Baby Boomer wave is hitting retirement age, and many are finding themselves caught […]
Freedom 65?  Keeping your Senior Insured (Safely)
  I know this blog is for young people and you are probably no where NEAR thinking about what it will be like when you are 75 and retired.  But you may have a grandma or a grandpa who is 85 and driving (or maybe a senior father or a mother if you are a […]

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