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Canada’s Newest Money-Saving Shopping App: Wanit
I remember the first time used Coupon Sherpa when I was on that most Canadian of Holidays: the Great American Shopping Trip. I loved the simplicity of an app that could tell what stores were close to me, and then download money-saving bar codes right to my screen in roughly 1.5 seconds.  I knew it […]
I should admit right up front that I’m not much of a car guy – which is a blessing if you’re trying to be a personal finance guy.  Luxury cars with exotic Spanish or German brand names cost a mint upfront, a small fortune every time they need repairs, and overall they represent more of […]
Is Couponing Really Worth Your Time?
I have to admit that I’ve been a coupon snob in the past. My hatred of the unorganized couponer that holds up the line as they leisurely thumb through their pile of 2-weeks-overdue clippings and then ask to speak to the manager in an effort to save a couple of dimes was partially responsible.  I […]
Amazon Student Prime – Is It Worth It?
Finally – a perk to forking over thousands of dollars a year in graduate student fees… Free Amazon Prime for six months! Click here to skip my review and sign up. That is essentially what this latest offer that the folks Amazon have dubbed “Amazon Student” consists of.  Sure there are some other interesting little […]
Why are Designer Sunglasses so Expensive?
I thought about this question as I was lounging and frolicking in an infinity swimming pool earlier this  year.  As I was getting chlorinated pool water splashed on my sunglasses (Ralph Lauren sunglasses that I bought a few years ago, I think they cost maybe $100?) some people in the pool started getting a little […]
5 Reasons Small Cities and Towns Beat Metropolises for Young Professionals
As I see house prices continue to soar across Canada (despite dire predictions of eventual bubble popping that will leave many young people “underwater” on their mortgages) I always think about how my personal finance situation has been made easier by the single choice of living rurally.  Here are five reasons why other young professionals […]
Cutting the Cable and Joining Netflix
Well, to be honest, I never had cable to start with anyways, so I guess this post doesn’t make any sense. But for those of you who actually have cable, making the choice to switch to Netflix is a brilliant idea. I have officially joined the Netflix band wagon as well but haven’t started paying […]
A few months ago, I deliberated as to whether the Nexus pass is worth it? My answer is a resounding YES. It is amazing. And that is all. Here are a few more benefits to the Nexus program You get treated differently:  When I first went through the Nexus lane, I was a bit nervous.  […]

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