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What is the First Time Donor’s Super Credit?
It is generally agreed upon that charitable giving is a good thing.  That is why the government rewards charitable giving by being charitable with your taxes.  Which is nice.  Free money from the government is always good. In the 2013 Budget, the government created a First Time Donor’s Super Credit.  This is a credit that […]
Taxes: When it Pays to Procrastinate or Defer
The old saying goes that there are only two certainties in life: Death and Taxes. Doing my taxes is never fun but when you organize things (e.g. put all the T3’s together, put all the T5’s together) and have a place you put all your receipts in, it makes doing taxes less painful.Okay let’s face […]
How To Use a T1213 Form – Money Now or Money Later?
Worker A – “I can’t wait for my tax return this spring, I could really use that thousand bucks right now” Worker B – “Are you serious?  You let the government take an extra thousand bucks from you when you didn’t have to?” Worker A – “What are you talking about, I didn’t have any […]
“USA Citizens” and The RESP/TFSA Battle
Is anyone else sick of dealing with bureaucratic machines that are absolutely terrible at what they are trying to accomplish? To catch a few of you up, I am one of the million or so Canadian citizens that has been residing in Canada and paying my fair share of taxes for my entire life, yet […]
Tax Deduction For Political Contributions
Don’t you just love paying for attack ads? I know I do! We’ll the good news is that there is bi-partisan support for one thing in Canada these days, and that is political donations. I always knew that there was a tax deduction for political contributions available in Canada, but I wasn’t sure just what […]
In case you didn’t know, the T1213 (entitled “Request to Reduce Tax Deductions at Source for Tax Year”) is a form from the Canada Revenue Agency that lets you take back the interest free loan to the government you give them every time you get a huge honkin’ tax return. If you regularly contribute to […]
I finally finished doing my taxes (looking forward to a whopping refund of $1147- wish there was more, but beggars can’t be choosers, now can they?) and I thought I would share with you some tax tips for those working at home.  Back in 2009, I shared some last minute tax tips, and this post […]
I STILL haven’t gotten around to testing the waters to see roughly how much my tax refund (or perhaps tax owing, now that I started a blog!) is for 2010. Last week, was giving away an H&R Block at Home Premium Edition (worth $34.95USD) for the neighbours south of the border.  I think the […]

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