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Freelancing versus Blogging
It’s been over a year since I passed the torch of this blog over to the tried and true Justin and Kyle who have seemed to take this blog to new heights.  With the torch passing, Justin and Kyle gave me the option of staying on an writing as a freelancer on my old blog. […]
How Long Should You Work Before Switching Jobs?
This is a question that is open to a lot of debate. In truth, there is no single answer to the question. It all depends on the type of career you have, how long you’ve been in it, and what the big picture circumstances are that surround it. Tread lightly when you are new to […]
Five Ways to Improve Your Chance of Getting a Job
On the surface, it would seem that getting a job today should be easier than it’s ever been before. After all, we have the internet, job boards and a direct online application process for virtually every large employer. Somehow it doesn’t always – or even usually – work out quite as seamlessly as we might […]
How to Get Promoted at Work
Do you want to get promoted on your job? Understand that if you do it may not be something that happens automatically. You may have to change strategy and tactics at work, and even go so far so let it be known that you want to be promoted. How do you get the process going? […]
7 Well Paying Jobs that Don’t Require a University Degree
If you are thinking about making a career change, or spooked by the cost of a university education for yourself or your child, there are well-paying jobs that don’t require university degree. All offer above average pay and solid job security. Some require only the completion of a certificate program while others require an associate […]
Never Burn Your Bridges When Quitting a Job
It’s probably true that nearly everyone has had a job that pushed them to the breaking point. When you’ve finally had enough, you quit and move on. It might have tempted you to behave in ways that you normally don’t. Maybe you’re in a situation like that right now. If you are it’s important that […]
Who You Know Trumps What You Know In Today’s Economy
I’m sure that if you’re a young person in the job market today you’ve heard the cliché, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” about 1,001 times.  I’m pretty sure it’s been that way since there were jobs and since people knew each other, but from what I can tell there is becoming […]
You Don’t Need a House as Much as You Need Career Mobility
There’s a lot of chatter out there about how important it is to own your own home. No matter who you are, where you are, or where you’re going, the time to own is now. Maybe. Maybe not. If you’re twenty-something, there are other priorities. One of them is career mobility. Even it you have […]

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