Daimasu Japanese Restaurant in Richmond, BC (a suburb of Vancouver, where the airport is) is located on 8300 Granville Avenue.  It’s part of the Kamei Japanese restaurant group (Ebisu and Kamei Royale restaurants are also part of this restaurant group).

After slaving away on our home Do It Yourself projects, my boyfriend and I were too fatigued and cranky to cook something so we treated ourselves to this restaurant.  We usually come here quite a bit but with my starving student status (and his upcoming starving student status) we have frequented this restaurant less so lately.

When we come to Daimasu, we usually order the Royale Boat Dinner for $22.95 per person (though you have to minimally order for two people- now I don’t know why they didn’t just say it’s $45.90 for two people, but I digress).  Now, I know this is not cheap, but the quality and the amount of food you get is second to none.  It’s Gooooood.  I actually (never thought I would say this because I love buffet dinners) prefer this to eating All you Can Eat Japanese food (which is similarly priced) because you get things that you wouldn’t normally get in an all you can eat menu.

Here’s my review of the Royale Boat Dinner (with pictures to tempt you!):

Tuna Tataki Salad

This salad was to die for.  It was fresh but tasty.  It had a strong vinegrette flavour and the tuna was seared just right.  The crunchy bits that went on top of the tuna was really tasty and gave the salad some texture.  Those crunchy bits (don’t know what they’re called) are like 100x better than any crouton

Sushi and Sashimi

Of course, no foray into Japanese cuisine is complete without sushi and sashimi!  This includes tuna, salmon, and hokkigai sashimi (Hokkigai are my favourite- the surf clams), a california roll (which was invented in Vancouver, by the way), and chopped scallop, salmon, eel, and roe sushi.  Although as you can see, the salmon they use is farmed salmon, it was quite tasty nonetheless.  The ingredients they use are very fresh.

Soft Shell Crab, Prawn and Vegetable Tempura, and Chicken Karaage:


Soft Shell Crab is supposed to be a delicacy I think, because it’s not usually included on the generic “all you can eat” menu at most Japanese restaurants.  Despite it being a delicacy, I’m not a big fan, maybe because it feels like I’m chewing on a fried tarantula.  I think one time we asked to switch it to something else (e.g. more prawn tempura) and they were okay with that.  Too bad I didn’t think of it this time!  The chicken karaage (basically fried chicken for you non-Japanese foodie types) and the tempura were tasty and typical of other Japanese restaurants (e.g. it didn’t stand out).

Oyster Motoyaki

No, it’s not creme brulee but perhaps better.  It’s basically baked mayonnaise (I think that’s what it is at least) with bits of oyster.  I liked how they used actual saucers to bake them instead of using and re-using oyster shells (because that’s what all the other restaurants do) by putting them through the wash.

Dobin Mushi Soup

This arrived late in our 15 course (or whatever it is) meal and we were frankly getting anxious that perhaps they didn’t include this anymore in this combo.  It finally arrived to our relief.  It is so tasty and I’ve never seen it anywhere else (I haven’t seen the soft shell crab anywhere else but I think that’s a good thing).  It’s a soup that you pour into a small cup with a lemon in it and the soup contains bits of scallop, enoki mushrooms, watercress (I believe), and other little treasures.  The soup is delicious and does a good job of cleansing your palate.

There you have it.  All that for $22.95.   Not too shabby but definitely not cheap either, of course.

Hope you all enjoyed living vicariously through my Japanese cuisine culinary excursion!


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