Disaster-Proof Your Life – Insurance Needs  

Preet Banerjee (a prominent Canadian personal finance personality) explains insurance as “disaster-proofing your life”.  This description has always stuck with me – which is noteworthy, given that insurance-related topics don’t exactly scream “memorable”.  Insurance is one of those things that no one really pays attention to – until they badly need it.  Protecting yourself from a financial disaster should be one of your top priorities when it comes to your finances.  After all, what’s the use of putting all that energy into earning and saving if you aren’t going to take care of what you’ve worked so hard for?

Below you’ll find tips on how to protect your car, home, and even your pet (if you’ve ever gotten a vet bill, you know the pet isn’t the only one that needed protecting).

President’s Choice PC Pet Insurance Review

My Experience With Home Insurance

Is Universal Life Insurance a Good Idea?

Car Rental Insurance

Best Pet Insurance Canada

How to Get Cheap and Free Magazines in Canada

Being a teacher in the summer leaves a bit of time to experiment. If you’re also a personal finance nerd, this means that looking into how to save money on your Maclean’s subscription can kick off an epic quest that leads to grand prizes of great foreign magazines for...

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Negotiating with Rogers Wireless- Head to Head Battle!

In an earlier post last week, I wrote about a step by step guide on how to negotiate with the contract yielding wireless providers.  Today I’ll reveal the actual flow of the conversation I had when I called in for my sister.  I should note that it was much harder to...

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Step by Step Guide on How to Buy an Engagement Ring Online

I will admit it. I have a sparkler on my finger.  It’s not huge like 2 carats or anything, but it is over one carat, and I do feel a bit excessive…especially since I would not consider myself to be a materialistic individual.  When I tell people that my fiancée...

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Putting the Brakes on Auto Insurance Costs

If you’re a long-time reader of Y&T you might have wondered to yourself over the years why we didn’t have a definitive auto insurance post that we could guide readers to.  The reason for that is simply because I didn’t know much about auto insurance and how to get...

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Using the new CRTC Rules to your Advantage with The Big Three

As many of you may know, starting June 3, 2015 the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) implemented a wireless code where effectively, any cell phone contracts that you already had for three years, automatically become two years and you...

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Canada’s Newest Money-Saving Shopping App: Wanit

I remember the first time used Coupon Sherpa when I was on that most Canadian of Holidays: the Great American Shopping Trip. I loved the simplicity of an app that could tell what stores were close to me, and then download money-saving bar codes right to my screen in...

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Best Small Cars of 2015

I should admit right up front that I’m not much of a car guy – which is a blessing if you’re trying to be a personal finance guy.  Luxury cars with exotic Spanish or German brand names cost a mint upfront, a small fortune every time they need repairs, and overall they...

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