“Failure to Launch?  Not if you read this book.  It’s full of good suggestions for young adults trying to make it through college and university without getting crushed by debt.”  -Rob Carrick, personal finance columnist for the Globe and Mail, and author of How Not To Move Back In With Your Parents.

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One of the reasons I haven’t been able to write too much here at Young and Thrifty is because I’ve been busy putting the finishing touches on a real book!  It’s been pretty unbelievable to see More Money for Beer and Textbooks – A Financial Guide for Today’s Canadian Student arrive in the mail in its glossy glory!  So what the heck is More Money for Beer and Textbooks all about you might be asking?  Well, the short version is that it is the most comprehensive financial resource for Canadian students on today’s market.  In fact, there isn’t anything that is even close.  If you need help getting through school without becoming part of those cringe-inducing debt statistics – this is the book for you!  If you are still in high school, just starting post-secondary, or are well on your way to a promising career, there is something within these pages that will help you keep a positive balance in your bank account.

More Money for Beer and Textbooks includes updated information on:

  • How Much Post-Secondary Education Will Cost
  • Student Housing Options
  • Applying for and Repaying Student Loans
  • Partying without an Empty-Bank-Account Hangover
  • Getting Great Part-Time and Summer Jobs
  • Preparing Student Tax Returns
  • What a Student Budget Should Look Like
  • Saving Money on Textbooks
  • Responsibly Using Credit Cards
  • Transportation Options
  • Student Travel and Much More!

Who Are Kyle Prevost and Justin Bouchard?

I co-authored More More Money for Beer and Textbooks with my good friend Kyle Prevost.  Kyle is a teacher (I have no idea why so many of my friends are teachers – must be a genetic defect of some kind) at Birtle Collegiate high school.  You’ve probably already read some of his work over at our sister site – My University Money.  When we started writing together over there we were looking for some great modern resources that looked at the financial struggles that today’s Canadian student faces.  We were very surprised to find that these resources simply didn’t exist.  That’s when we had our brainwave: who better to write a book about helping students than us?

Our rationale for making such a bold statement revolves around the fact that we are at a perfect point in our lives to be able to pass along a little hard-earned wisdom, yet still remember what it was like to be young and carefree.  Kyle works with high school students every day and preparing them for post-secondary education is one his foremost goals.  As Dean of Residence at St. John’s College on the University of Manitoba Campus, I take the baton from teachers like Kyle and support young adults as they make that initial leap into the challenging and exciting world of post-secondary education.  Considering we met on a post-secondary campus and learned from each other’s triumphs and mistakes throughout our educational lives, we felt there was a neat symmetry involved in helping others avoid lessons we had to learn the hard way.

Help Us, Help Them!

When we first started tossing around ideas for what we wanted to include in the book and who exactly we were writing for, we realized that most books aimed at students didn’t apply to the vast majority of students we know.  Most books written for students seem to have this stereotypical student in mind who gets straight As, consumes alcohol twice a year (at most), never stays out past midnight, and generally thinks and acts like someone in their mid-fifties.  There is nothing wrong with a student who fits that stereotype – we just think they are few and far between.  More Money for Beer and Textbooks is truly for the students we know and went to school with.  The people that want to learn something, get a decent job, have a ton of fun, and hopefully not go broke or dig themselves into a pit of debt they’ll never climb out of.

Now, the problem is that students like that don’t often buy books that help them sort out their financial life.  If you had asked the 18- or 19-year old versions of ourselves if we’d rather have a pitcher of beer or a book that would help us out big time – we’re not sure what response you’d get!  After all, when your 18 and in school true adulthood seems a long way off.  The light at the end of that tunnel is barely perceivable.  On the other hand, you can almost taste that cold beer hitting your lips right?  So, why the heck would we write a book that we knew our key demographic might have a hard time purchasing?

Because it needed to be written!

We’re pinning our very modest authorial hopes on the idea that people like you – cool folks that know that personal finance isn’t that hard, and can make life a lot easier – might help us out a little.  While an 18-year old might not buy a book for themselves (even one as creatively titled as More Money for Beer and Textbooks) we think they will read it if it falls into their laps.  Trying to find an original grad gift isn’t an easy task.  After all, there are only so many copies of “The Places We Will Go” and fancy pens that a young person needs.  If you have any young people in your life – either friends or family – we highly recommend this book as a gift fit for any occasion.

Were You Ready At 18?

Students today are graduating with more debt than ever before.  The labour landscape is shifting beneath their feet and yet the vast majority of students have never been given much information about how to look after their finances, or what the modern post-secondary landscape actually looks like.  In our experience, most high schools are way behind the curve on this issue, and have so much of their time and attention tied up in tackling other goals, that preparing students for post-secondary pursuits is never really addressed in any detail.  That’s where More Money for Beer and Textbooks comes in.  It’s a comprehensive resource that young Canadians will actually crack open and get something out of.

Stay tuned later this week for a sneak peek at one of the premier chapters of the book!  If you’re a blogger or a writer for a media source and are interested in reviewing our book and/or giving us a platform for a little publicity, let us know and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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