Hello loyal readers of the incomparable Young and Thrifty blog. I know some of you are already deleting this site off of your “favourites” list and tsk tsking at the thought that you won’t get to see as much of one of your favourite personal finance bloggers going forward. To be honest, I wouldn’t blame you. I’ve watched a ton of bloggers decide that the demanding schedule that blogging can take up is just too much for them at a certain point in their life, and decided to let their blogs go for one reason or another. Few blogs are ever the same after the initial author leaves, and I won’t guarantee that this one will be exactly as you remember it. For this I am sorry, yet upfront and honest.

WAIT, Come Back!

All of that being said, it’s not like I’m some stranger guys/gals! You’ve seen me around here for almost a year now as a staff writer and serial commenter, so I think I have somewhat of a grasp for what you peeps want to see written about. I’ve also read enough of the original Y&T’s work that I am familiar with it, and I hope to try and deliver the same high-quality content that we all know and are accustomed to. I’m not exactly new to this whole personal finance thing. I have written over 200 articles over at My University Money, and am a consistent staff writer at Canadian Personal Finance Blog, Sustainable Personal Finance, and Invest It Wisely. I promise that I will put my fill effort into making sure that Y&T continues to give readers great value every time they stop by, even if you do notice subtle changes.

Who We Are

“So who is this guy?” you might be wondering. Well it’s actually guy(s) – plural. My mother always said that it takes at least two capable gentlemen to do what a woman does, and in this case she is proven right! My pen name is Teacher Man (TM) and my co-pilot is JB. You can learn a little more about us here. The current plan is for JB to keep his role as the mastermind behind the scenes, and for yours truly to do the bulk of the writing here at Young and Thrifty. I’ve enjoyed interacting with everyone on this site as a staff writer over the last year and I’m looking forward to doing this on a permanent basis. I don’t know how Y&T did everything here on her own, and I know that I definitely enjoy the tag team approach that JB and I bring to the table.

Don’t Call It A Comeback – ‘Cuz She Never Left!

The best part of this whole transition thing for you guys and gals is that the incomparable original author you’ve grown used to reading is sticking around! As you can read about in her “stepping back” post, she will still be a steady voice on the site for the foreseeable future, and I’m very grateful that she is sticking around since I’m a fan as well as an associate!

A Perfect Fit

Some other questions many of you might have are why us? Why do we want this blog, and how did this all happen? Well… it’s kind of a unique story. JB and I weren’t really in the market to be buying a blog. We’re not big businessman and we had never bought a blog before; however, when Y&T came to us saying she was looking to sell, it just made sense on so many levels. I like writing about personal finance topics for a broad demographic, and some of my preferred topics weren’t fitting in perfectly with our original site that was built primarily to help students. While the student population is a broad spectrum, this blog represents a great opportunity to explore personal finance for young adults, in a broader, more general sense, and I am extremely happy for the opportunity to do that. There was a neat sort of poetic symmetry to the idea we proposed as well. The original Y&T and I would essentially switch writing roles, and this site makes a perfect companion to a site that gives out tips primarily aimed at young students. Basically, we can now help you out as you prepare for post-secondary education or the workforce, then help you when you begin that journey, and finally, Young and Thrifty covers topics all through adulthood!

JB and myself are really excited to take on a major challenge in keeping up such a high class blog, we hope you’ll give us a shot before changing channels. We think we’re pretty young, and pretty thrifty, and with the original Y&T around to keep us in line I really like our chances going forward. I love hearing what an audience wants to read so please don’t be shy in emailing or commenting and letting us know what’s up. As a little celebration and a way to make a good first impression, we figured it never hurts to give away free swag, so please stay tuned for a fairly epic (by personal finance standards anyway), giveaway in the next couple weeks.


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