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7 Ways to Know You’ve Got Too Much Debt

When it comes to debt, many people dare not add up the amount they owe, or the total amount of their debt-related monthly payments. To do so would make it all too obvious that they have too much debt. Instead they focus on their ability to afford the monthly payments...

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Invest in Yourself

When we talk about investing, we know that Investing is, without a doubt, important. We throw around that term loosely, I find. Investing entails putting effort, whether it be time or money into something with an expectation of growth. When we talk about investing, we...

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Finding the Market Value of Financial Advice

Imagine (it’s easy if you try) a world where financial advice was priced by a competitive and efficient market in which everyone understood what they would get for what they paid.  Now that would be a beautiful thing.  One of our most controversial and commented-upon...

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