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Spain on the Cheap Part 2

Because Spain on the Cheap almost became I mega post, I had to split it up between part I and part II.  As discussed in the previous post, budget travel from getting there, sleeping, and eating in Spain was the topic of the day in Spain on the Cheap Part I.  Without...

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youngandthrifty dividend income update May 2013

I haven't done anything new since last month.  HSE and Sunlife are DRIPping nicely, now I have 104 shares of HSE and 102 shares of Sunlife (and it has bounced back to my original buy price).  Since April, I have increased my dividend income by about $100. I would like...

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Barcelona on a Budget

Barcelona, one of the world's most popular and liveliest cities deserves a separate post on how to enjoy it on the cheap. Check out how to save money visiting the rest of Spain's main cities in this post. If you want a city full of culture, night life, and beach time,...

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