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June 2016 Net Worth Update: $402,170 (+2.1%)

Yay! Finally broke the $400K barrier! It feels nice when the markets do so well, who says sell in May go away? (Well, I am just waiting for the summer dip because it usually does happen).  Including my contributions towards my pension, I have over $450K, it will be...

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Dividend Income Update: June 2016

Half the year is already over and it’s time of the June 2016 Dividend Income Update. For my June 2016 Dividend Income Update, I was able to increase my dividend income by over 6.9% from last update.  It sounds like a lot, but to be frank, it is only about a $300...

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How to Save Money on a Cruise

In my early (or maybe mid thirties) I went on my first ever cruise from Vancouver to Alaska.  My traveling companions were cruise veterans, but I was a cruise virgin.  It is a bit surreal seeing over 2000+ people on a large ship and options after options of dining...

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