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March 2017 Net Worth Update: $464,400 (+2.1%)

This is a very special and sentimental 'net worth update' for me because it's going to be my last update, on Young and Thrifty. It is also a special update because we are expecting a baby in the summer! It was a pleasure creating this website way back in 2009 and...

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Cost of Baby’s First Year

There are big changes in my household to take place in 2017! We are expecting! Since we are expecting our first baby, it is a prudent idea to think about the costs of the baby’s first year and then budgeting for this. There are already so many decisions to make, and...

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How To Port A Mortgage

Can I take my mortgage with me if I have an excellent fixed interest rate that I want to hand on to?  Or is it possible to use the sweet variable interest rate I negotiated as a bargaining chip when I’m selling my house – can I pass that on to the new buyer?  These...

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