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5 Tips to prevent eating out from eating a hole in your wallet

  Here is a guest post on youngandthrifty.ca by Jennifer Williams. Jennifer Williams is a writer, turner traveler, turned blogger. She’s trying her hand at blogging on various topics, so you can find her stepping into tech, business and finance. Follow her on twitter- @JtotheWilliams or check out her blog- allovertech.wordpress.com. We live in aContinue ReadingContinue Reading

Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Inadvertent Savings Edition

This week, I was happy to have saved money by not having to pay for an oil change. Inadvertently. How I inadvertently saved $100 on my car: I went to get my winter tires put on and the place I go to (will not mention names lol) provides a free mechanical inspection on your car. Continue Reading

Top 10 Tips For Avoiding Travel Trauma & Saving Money

Below is a guest post by Anna, creator of Bargainmoose.ca, a Canadian blog for shopping deals, freebies, coupons and more. Anna  wants to share some tips on avoiding travel trauma and saving money while holidaying. The vacation season is looming, and many of you have probably already booked, or are thinking about planning your summerContinue ReadingContinue Reading