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youngandthrifty.ca Blogiversary Bonanza! $250+ in Prizes

In about two weeks, it will be officially ONE YEAR since I wrote my first post (you can see it here. As you can see, I was likely the only one who read that post lol).  I can’t believe that I have survived a year! It’s been great and I have learned so much (you can read me yammering on about how much youngandthrifty.ca’s grown with respect to what I have learned this first year of blogging on the actual blogiversary post in two weeks).

To celebrate this momentous occasion, the wonderful personal finance bloggers over at Yakezie (who are youngandthrifty’s heart and soul!) have generously donated some wonderful books and gift cards to celebrate this first year blogiversary (and hopefully not last, lol!).  I will be throwing in a VISA gift card as a first prize, too (just to show how much I appreciate you as a reader!).

How much do all these prizes add up to? Over $250+ in prizes to be won!!


A $100 VISA Gift Card courtesy of moi!

This gift card should be able to be used in the United States, but will be $100 in Canadian funds (which works out to be about the same now anyway :) )  So my American friends please enter this contest too!


  • Couple Money is generously donating a  subscription to Kiplinger’s personal finance magazine ($36 value cover price)

Elle has been blogging over at Couple Money on how she and her family handles their finances while building mobile income based on their passions.  She’s a really nice person to boot! One of my fave posts is 11 ways to save money at the grocery store.

Crystal over at Budgeting the Fun Stuff sees money as a tool that is used to provide for our needs, our future, and the fun stuff in between. :-)  She also has an allergy ridden pug too– which automatically deserves big props as I have one too.

  • Suba at Wealth Informatics is donating a copy of Your Money: The Missing Manual
    by J.D. Roth (a $21.99 value)

Suba strives to provide Information empowering debt reduction, financial planning, informed consumerism, savvy investing, fun & frugal living leading to financial freedom.  She also is a big fan of paying yourself first :)

  • Invest It Wisely is donating a copy of The Elements of Investing by Burton G. Makiel ($20 value)

Invest it Wisely is a both great Canadian and Yakezie read, one of his most popular posts is what you need to do to get out of the rat race and achieve financial freedom

  • Jesse from PF Firewall will giveaway a copy of I Will Teach you to be Rich by Ramit Sethi ($13.95 value)

PF Firewall will be used to track everything going in or out of his personal finance and he will try and provide any ways he has found to patch breaches in my personal finance firewall (awesome analogy!)

Evan, a lawyer, dad, husband to The Wife and personal finance blogger has great posts, including an explanation on our mutual love, dividends.

  • Sam from Financial Samurai is donating “How Rich People Think” by Steve Siebold ($16.99 value)

Sam is the guru behind the Yakezie and a fantastic writer with posts that are always thought-provoking. I have a ton of favourite posts from him, two being: his Samurai finance rules and How to Get your Super Motivated Boyfriend to Marry You


Maximizing Money runs my kind of blog- a blog focusing on financial tips on how to save money and earn extra cash be reaping the benefits of reward credit cards.

Frugal Zeitgeist lives my ultimate fantasy- living in Cairo, Egypt.  One of his popular articles is how to simply your life

Bucksome is a personal finance blogger writing from a boomer perspective.  She shares with us how her budget has changed over the last 12 years (us young’uns can learn from her experience)

  • Squirrelers is donating a $10 Gift Certificate to Amazon

Squirrelers was launched to help Mr. Squirrel himself and others share thoughts on money, and help us reach our financial goals – while having fun doing it.  He has a fun series called “Squirreling gone wild”, in which the most recent edition was about The Extractor

Khaleef combines faith and finances is a fantastic and introspective personal finance blog.  He also helps people out in real life with budgeting assistance.

Here’s how to Enter in the youngandthrifty.ca Blogiversary Bonanza:

1 ENTRY: Subscribe by RSS (please comment below to show you have entered so I can get your email address- don’t worry it won’t be shared) or email subscription.  If you’ve already subscribed (thank you!) just comment below.

1 EXTRA ENTRY: Follow youngandthrifty on twitter and tweet:

youngandthrifty.ca BLOGIVERSARY GIVEAWAY thanks #Yakezie $250+ to be won! http://bit.ly/9KIwpc (via @youngandthrifty)

Contest ends Sunday November 28, 2010 at midnight PST.  Winners announced on Monday November 29.

The twelve winners will be picked by random.org (13! Good odds!)

One winner per prize (so you can’t win a $100 Visa Gift card AND a $10 Amazon Gift Certificate, sorry!)

Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Lists Galore Edition

Lists lists.. I love lists.  I use lists to get my work done.  I know there are list apps on the phone but I like the traditional pen and paper.  I make a list and I cross off the item when I get it done.  I enjoy crossing things off my list so much that you would almost think I get a high from it.  Nope, no drugs for me.  Just completing my to-do lists is fine.

Speaking of lists, there are a few other lists not involving to-do lists, but instead, lists of the top personal finance blogs.

Andrew over at Money Crashers has a new list of Personal Finance Blogs– it’s like Wisebread’s list on SPEED.  Not just Alexa rank, it has a unique algorithm that calculates based on your feedburner subscribers, twitter followers, alexa rank, Page rank.. etc.!  My current ranking is at 224 so now there’s something else other than Alexa rank to work on!

Not only do we have a Wisebread list and a Money Crashers List, not sure if you’re aware, we also have an official Yakezie list too, that shows the top personal finance sites in the Yakezie network.  Be sure to check it out to get all your personal finance fill for the day.  I’m number 24 on this list.

PF BLog Love

Mid-week Round Up

Howdy folks!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far. Seeing as I haven’t done any links for a while (trust me, it’s hard to work on your blog when you are overseas in an internet cafe with sketchy internet access!), here are some interesting fellow Yakezie reads if you need to have a small distraction from work =) (Who’s really productive at work, anyway? kidding!).

As some of you may know (if you were following my random tweets on twitter), I was away in Nepal for a few weeks.  It was an amazing trip- Nepal is beautiful!  Next year (2011) is their “Year of Tourism” so if you’ve gotten a visa before, next year you won’t have to pay the visa fee (it costs about USD $100 for a 90 day visa, FYI).

I will promise to add some photos of my trip and any tips on saving money while traveling in that corner of the world once I become less zombie-like from sleep deprivation and time zone changes.

With the recent European crisis, let’s just say I am glad I set some stop losses and preserved some of my gains with my stocks before I left!

Hope you enjoyed those good reads and have a great rest of the week!

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