The stormy weather (and rain) has finally passed- this weekend is beeeeeautiful!  Hopefully planning to get a pre-approved mortgage with the boyfriend (don’t worry, we’re doing everything 50/50 to prevent any financial/property mess before marriage should we split up) this week before the looming April 19 changes occur with the mortgage rules.  We’re planning to go variable, despite the fact that most people (70%) go fixed.  We plan to pay it off like a fixed mortgage, so we can attack at the principle.  On a depressing note, another report came out showing that Vancouver’s average home price is now almost a MILLION DOLLARS! So not only is Vancouver severely unaffordable, now it is even more unaffordable lol!

Some of my fave Yakezie reads:

Deliver Away Debt strategizes on how to make Christmas Debt Free by planning early

Financial Samurai talks about prostitution and survival jobs (oh la la the controversy!)

Couple Money shares her Debt Reduction Strategy

Punch Debt In the Face lets you in on his (slight OCD-ish) Funny Money Habits

Money Funk gives you tips on how to Maximize Your Retirement Account

Little House in the Valley gives some suggestions on Paying off a High APR Loan

Bible Debt talks about how Legalising Marijuana may be the Answer to the United States Budget Problems (You can come up to Vancouver on April 20 at the Art Gallery in downtown to get a taste (or whiff) of what lax laws are like!! Promise you there will be a huge turnout of people smoking up lol)

Girl with the Red Balloon is planning planning planning her wedding- you can get in on the action here

Eliminate the Muda discusses the Closing Technique and how to spot the helpful Consultive Salesperson

Fiscal Fizzle discusses making some $$ collecting bottles and cans (and recycling too! win win situation)

Some of my fave Canadian PF blog reads:

The Financial Blogger asks if There is Anything Better Than Passive Income

Million Dollar Journey has an excellent post by a guest blogger on The Business of Owning Income Properties

Triaging My Way to Financial Success talks about Housing- An Uncorrectable Market?

Four Pillars talks about the Total Cost of Ownership – very insightful post- you’ll think twice before you buy that sweater at the mall!

Ending the Rat Race discusses the always searing hot topic: Pay Down Your Mortgage or Invest in RRSPs?

Canadian Finance Blog talks about how to Decide Which Car is Right for You

Enjoy the reads- hope everyone has a great spring weekend!

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