Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Christmas Love Edition

I can’t believe that tomorrow is Christmas- time sure flies. Just another week and we’ll be ringing the New Year for 2011! I was watching Charlie Brown Christmas the other night, and I found myself really enjoying it! It’s kind of nice to take the time to watch things you used to love, and reminisce about being young again! Charlie Brown was a good quality cartoon, much better than the junk you see nowadays on TV (brainwashing our younger generations). Anyway enough ranting- I’ll keep it short and sweet! I hope everyone has a beautiful Christmas with their loved ones!  Merry Christmas!

Here are some PF Blog Love articles from around the Blogosphere for you to enjoy after the holiday rush:

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22 Responses to Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Christmas Love Edition

    • @Financial Samurai- Thanks! Haha, I hope he does too. This renovation stuff is definitely testing our relationship to say the least.

  1. Hi Y&T,

    Thanks so much for the mention! If people want to check out the book for themselves they can do it for free, it’s on Google Books (I tried to link it and failed).

    Merry Christmas, I’m sure I’ll be twittering/chatting with you soon! :)


  2. As I get older, I enjoy the important things in life, family, traditions and those special moments. This time of year is special because of the holidays and today (my daughter’s birthday). It is a reason to celebrate together and create memories.

  3. Thanks for the mention about my tenant. Every time I read the series I start cracking up! I don’t know why it amuses me so much, but boy do people have horror stories. I might need to start a forum. Hmmm.

    Merry Christmas! Thank you for being such a good supporter of my blog and good luck with the new home. Big but beautiful step.

    • @Sandy- LOL yeah, a tenant horror forum! You’ll get so many hits and it would be a good problem solving sound off board for members. Brilliant idea- no wonder you are an entrepreneur. Hehe, it’s not so beautiful yet- this big step, but hopefully it will be soon.

    • @Fox- Merry Christmas to you too! Santa WAS good to me! I got a Crock Pot and a Magic Bullet. I am loving the Magic Bullet so far. Minced some garlic and then made a strawberry banana smoothie (garlic and smoothie was not together, of course LOL).

  4. I was actually going to say, was the strawberries and garlic together? Wonder how that tasted? lol

    Glad you got some nice things. The magic bullet is really good. It’s one of those TV products that actually is useful and works well. My parents have one, I am still working on getting my own. :)

    • @Fox- They’re pretty cheap at Costco- I think I saw a HUGE magic bullet set (including the big magic bullet blender) for around $40. Yeah, I am amazed that a TV product can be useful- those infomercials are good for something after all, I guess. The SNUGGIE is also another good TV product (kidding!! I’ve never owned a Snuggie but they are funny to look at).

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