I apologize for the late Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love! The weather has been too fantastic (basically 18-20 degrees, and sunny for the entire week) to stay home and blog.  I need to get my patio set built so perhaps I can blog from the patio on sunny days like that in the future.  Today in Vancouver we returned to the regular scheduled programming of light rain.  This week has literally been the first sunny week since the beginning of fall.  We were having a miserable spring full of torrential rain, hail, rain, and more rain.

I was able ride my bicycle for the first time this year.  One of my goals is to bike to work (I think I’ll try this once this week) to save money on gas and also to get some exercise and get some stamina going for my epic 7 day wilderness hike his summer.

I have been EPIC FAILING my eating out and gift budget this month, because I have so many friends who have birthdays around this time (most of my friends are Geminis, what does that mean?).  I am going to try afternoon tea today with a friend for her birthday (RB40, I’m going to see what the fuss is all about ;), so I’ll definitely share some pretty pictures of these dainty foods next week with you.

I also FINALLY USED my Groupon I got last year for doggy day care (It was one of the reasons I went on a Groupon ban).  It was actually quite fun- I got a report card from the day care centre (they said he was a bit shy), and I really did feel like a ‘mom’ (albeit a doggy mom).  The report card was quite the novelty- the idea of giving report cards to dogs gave me a good chuckle anyway.  It cost $12 for the entire day, but it usually costs $25.  I don’t know if I would want to do this on a regular basis (I wonder if people DO do this on a regular basis? That would be expensive!), I doubt it though.

PF Blog Love:

There you have it folks, enjoy your long weekend! What are your plans?

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