So I’ve been moved in with my boyfriend for a little over a month.  It’s been super busy for me.  It seems that all I do is: wake up, feed self, feed dog, go to work, drive through traffic to go home, cook dinner, eat dinner, feed dog, wash dishes/ put in dishwasher, clean up, walk dog squeeze in a bit of time for blogging, go to sleep.  Try and cook a few meals ahead of time so I can freeze them.  Volunteer twice a month.  Squeeze in time for exercise.  Squeeze in time for friends, but even then with all the things I need “to do” I feel like I would rather complete my “to do” list than hang out with friends. Kind of sad, really.  When I lived on my own, I could leave things like the dishes for a while (until they piled up big time).  It doesn’t really work when there’s someone else around.

I definitely feel like I’m drowning in the day to day grind.  And more importantly, I realize that I can’t have it all!  I have no idea how full-time working moms do it, really.  I’ve been trying to get my boyfriend to do a bit more around the house- he’s been busy going to the driving range to practice his swing.  I can’t help but feel a bit resentful about me doing more around the house and us both working full time.  Of course, that’s my perception, and I’m sure its his perception as well.  We definitely need to start talking and have some communication on how we can make things more egalitarian (yes, the feminist in me is RAGING… raging haha).

So if you have found I haven’t been as active around my blog lately, my apologies, but please be assured that I LOVE BLOGGING and I hate that I can’t respond immediately to comments


So readers, how have you found balance with the day to day?

PF Boy Blog Love

I just noticed that all of these posts I mention below are from male PF bloggers.  Are there more male PF blogs in general?  Am I more drawn to the male PF blog content?  Not sure what it is

  Maybe I’ll post an all female PF girl blog wrap up next week.

Have a great weekend! Hope its sunny for you!  If you haven’t entered the contest (I’m giving away a free book written by Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame) please do!

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