This week, I was happy to have saved money by not having to pay for an oil change. Inadvertently.

How I inadvertently saved $100 on my car:

I went to get my winter tires put on and the place I go to (will not mention names lol) provides a free mechanical inspection on your car.  I thought- why not, it’s free anyways.  I already had an oil change booked with my usual mechanic for the following week.  The tire place told me that my car would be ready in a couple of hours, so I took transit down to do some errands.  Understandably, they were very busy as it was the first snow fall of the season and of course Vancouver drivers were scrambling madly to get their snow tires on at the first hint of 5 cm of snow on the ground.  I get a call from them to say that my car needed an oil change and a new air filter.  I told them that I had an appointment with my regular mechanic next week, so they didn’t need to do the oil change or change the air filter.  They said okay, and that my car was ready for pick up.

I arrive to pick up my car.

I see the bill: $100.  Usually to change the tires over, it’s free.  Mechanical inspection was free. So… why was I asked to pay $100?

They said they were charging me for the oil change and the air filter and labour.

I didn’t kick up much of a fuss, really. I just firmly said that I didn’t say I wanted the oil change and air filter done.

So they gave waived the bill and I got the oil change and air filter for free.

Needless to say, I was a happy camper!  Snow (check out the pic of Vancouver) and free oil change.  Couldn’t be happier.

Readers, have you had an experience where you got something substantial for free because of a mistake?

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