Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: It's Viral Edition


Tk was quite eventful in terms of blogger activity!

I met up with the bloggers from Give Me Back my Five Bucks, Dividend Ninja, Preet Banerjee, Squawkfox, and Bryan Borzykowski a journalist who writes for Money Sense, Canadian Business, and The Globe and Mail.  It was like a mini-Canadian personal finance meetup.

Needless to say, I was star struck 😉  It was great meeting the people behind the blogs.  Although I “know” what they look like because they all have profiles attached to their blogs/ writing, it was still really cool to meet everyone in person.  Everyone was even more amazing IN person compared to the personality expressed on their blogs and in their writing.

What was also really cool was that The Consumerist picked up my dual posts on How to Rent out your Basement Suite.  If you haven’t read it yet, here is part I and part II.

The only thing viral in real life and not blog life that happened was me getting a cold after my boyfriend ended up catching a viral pneumonia.  He’s doing much better now but I feel a little guilty giving him heck for catching one of his “man colds”. 😉

 PF Blog Love


Readers, I’m curious to know wat are your plans?

A) stay home (I honestl think that BF and I are getting old.  I hope he feels better soon

B) Go out to a dedicated NYE party

C) Go to a house party


Young is a writer and former owner of Young and Thrifty and the main "twitter' behind Young and Thrifty's twitter account. She lives in Vancouver, BC and enjoys long walks on the beach, spending time with her anxious dog, and finding good deals. If you like what you read, consider signing up for email updates.

32 Responses to Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: It's Viral Edition

  1. Congratulations on the Consumerist mention, that’s awesome! Sounds like a fun meet-up for the Vancouver bloggers.

    I think we’ll have a pretty quiet NYE this year (again). We’re old too 😉

    Thanks for the mention and thanks for all of your support this year. All the best in 2012!

  2. Congrats on the Consumerist mention. That is awesome!! One day my turn will come too- I hope.

    Awesome that you got to meet up with some of the other Canadian Bloggers. Very cool.

    As far as our new years plans, we are just having some friends over for a pot luck, games, and some laughs. It is tons of fun.

    • @Miss T- I’m sure it will be soon. Pot luck and games sounds like a great evening. I like to hear that most people seem to be taking a low key approach to New Years- my kind of night too!

  3. Thanks for the mention! Sorry about the cold. I guess it’s the season. Baby RB40 is sick too and hopefully he’ll get better soon. Nice job on getting a mention on Consumerist. Have a great New Year!

  4. Hope your BF gets better soon. My BF is sick, too. Seems like a cold/flu thing.

    We are planning to attend a house party but will likely come home afterwards, although people are planning to head out to a club after. We are getting old, as well! :)

    • @fabulouslyfrugirl- Sounds like everyone and their kitchen sink is sick. I went to a club briefly when I went to Whistler and I felt so uncomfortable (and old). Hope you have a great night.

  5. I hope you feel better! Colds suck. I guess that’s one good thing about being single – I’m less likely to get sick…

    I’m staying home since I can see fireworks from my apartment building’s rooftop and next year I won’t be able to from my condo. I’ve invited a few friends over and we’re going to do some baking or something. It should be a nice, quiet evening :)

    That mini-Canadian PF meet-up sounds awesome!!

    • @Leigh- Thanks! I already feel better- I was pumping oregano oil in myself like crazy and my sore throat and headache are abolished. Sounds like a great night- fireworks on a rooftop patio (sigh!).

  6. I just wanted to say hello from the Yakezie Challenge. My kids gave me a stomach virus. I never knew the band and model number of my toilet before but I highly recommend American Standard in case you were in the market for one. Sorry to here you got a cold but isn’t that part of the deal? Anyway nice tribute to the bloggers. I want to check them out during the weekend.

    Happy New Year.

    • @Jal Catalano- Hello! Welcome to the Yakezie! Haha… Awe man, sorry to hear that you got to see the band and model number on your toilet so closely!! Hope you feel better in the new year!

  7. Thanks for the PF blog love Y&T!

    Sounds like you a great time out with the bloggers! A few of us meet every now and again in Ottawa, and it’s fun.

    For tonight, we’re travelling to Toronto (4 hour drive) for a small gathering with close friends. Should be good. Nothing fancy, just some food, some drink and some board games. I just hope we can all stay up until midnight 😉

    A very HNY and looking forward to a graet 2012 chatting with you!


    • @My Own Advisor- Which one of you guys meet in Ottawa? Yeah, I admit at first I was a bit hesitant and nervous about it, but I’m glad I went in the end. I feel like I “talk” to you guys so much and it is great to actually meet in person. Sounds like you have great plans planned for tonight. I’m having a great NYE, laid back and chillaxed :)

  8. Y&T Thanx for the mention, and it was a delight to finally meet you in person as well ! :)

    Sorry to hear your down with the cold and hoping your BF is getting better soon. Darn that’s rough..

    Well tonight I get to work stat-pay, starting at midnight. The highlight of my New Years will be getting my pager and checking in :) But to be honest I’m partied out this week, so it’s cool with me.

    You and BF take care!

    The Dividend Ninja

    • @Dividend Ninja- He’s already feeling better, thankfully. It was a quick illness. Hope you have a nice shift :) Happy New Year! See you soon.

  9. Great job with the Consumerist! And well-deserved as well! I loved those articles. A lot!
    How are you and your BF doing health wise? You guys just fell apart it seems towards the end of the year. I hope you are doing better!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Congrats on the mention, and that is so cool that you got to meet up with those bloggers! For NYE we stayed home… nobody was sick but we were exhausted from a bunch of driving coming back from a mini-trip. 😉

    • @Financial God- LOL love your blog name! Sounds like you had a great time nonetheless. There’s something so rewarding about staying home and relaxing when you know that everyone is getting trashed out of their minds and will probably get a terrible hangover the next day.

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