Tk was quite eventful in terms of blogger activity!

I met up with the bloggers from Give Me Back my Five Bucks, Dividend Ninja, Preet Banerjee, Squawkfox, and Bryan Borzykowski a journalist who writes for Money Sense, Canadian Business, and The Globe and Mail.  It was like a mini-Canadian personal finance meetup.

Needless to say, I was star struck 😉  It was great meeting the people behind the blogs.  Although I “know” what they look like because they all have profiles attached to their blogs/ writing, it was still really cool to meet everyone in person.  Everyone was even more amazing IN person compared to the personality expressed on their blogs and in their writing.

What was also really cool was that The Consumerist picked up my dual posts on How to Rent out your Basement Suite.  If you haven’t read it yet, here is part I and part II.

The only thing viral in real life and not blog life that happened was me getting a cold after my boyfriend ended up catching a viral pneumonia.  He’s doing much better now but I feel a little guilty giving him heck for catching one of his “man colds”. 😉

 PF Blog Love


Readers, I’m curious to know wat are your plans?

A) stay home (I honestl think that BF and I are getting old.  I hope he feels better soon

B) Go out to a dedicated NYE party

C) Go to a house party

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