Weekend Ramblings and PF Blog Love: Lists Galore Edition

Lists lists.. I love lists.  I use lists to get my work done.  I know there are list apps on the phone but I like the traditional pen and paper.  I make a list and I cross off the item when I get it done.  I enjoy crossing things off my list so much that you would almost think I get a high from it.  Nope, no drugs for me.  Just completing my to-do lists is fine.

Speaking of lists, there are a few other lists not involving to-do lists, but instead, lists of the top personal finance blogs.

Andrew over at Money Crashers has a new list of Personal Finance Blogs- it’s like Wisebread’s list on SPEED.  Not just Alexa rank, it has a unique algorithm that calculates based on your feedburner subscribers, twitter followers, alexa rank, Page rank.. etc.!  My current ranking is at 224 so now there’s something else other than Alexa rank to work on!

Not only do we have a Wisebread list and a Money Crashers List, not sure if you’re aware, we also have an official Yakezie list too, that shows the top personal finance sites in the Yakezie network.  Be sure to check it out to get all your personal finance fill for the day.  I’m number 24 on this list.

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