As my first time doing the rambling here at Y & T, I’m just trying to fill the shoes of a professional rambler and hopefully not tripping up too badly! Before we get to the meat and potatoes of the round up and throw out some link love to people that thoroughly deserve it, I thought I’d dedicate a little time to this whole Quebec student fiasco that has been dominating the Canadian news waves recently. Now I realize that this is a somewhat controversial topic, but I figure if we’re going to ramble, we might as well do so in as destructive a way as possible!

For those of you that aren’t familiar with everything, I wrote a more complete summary of the situation here. The most recent developments have seen Quebec’s Minster of Education resign, and the Premier move to enact tougher laws to put into play specifically against the violent student protestors. One interesting fact I saw reported was that the province may now actually lose as much to police costs as they will save by having the students pay a little more of their tuition.

As a graduate student myself, I really can sympathize with the average North American student. Students in the USA that pay over 20K a year to go to school have it rough, and there is little doubt that at that cost, you are limiting participation in higher education to an unfair degree. That being said – shame on you striking students. There is a huge difference between the vast majority of North American students, and the average Quebec student’s experience. With tuition rates around $2500, I know $4K might look large to you, but really, it isn’t that big a deal guys. Go take a summer job in an undesirable location, and you can easily make that in two weeks. The slight increase will not make education suddenly unattainable, so quit trying to blow that horn. Our generation has enough to worry about and poor energy into without crippling ourselves with this sort of public debauchery.

I could probably overlook the fact I disagree on logical grounds with the students if they were willing to exercise their democratic rights in a respectful law-abiding way. Smoke bombs on public transportation, harassing students just trying to get the education that they paid for, blocking people from going to work, and doing all of these things while hiding your identity is simply criminal. Nothing else needs to be said except to state the barest of facts that these actions are criminal and the perpetrators need to be held accountable as any other criminal would be. At the very least, all of the people that are caught doing illegal activities should have permanent marks on their transcripts and have their right to a publically subsidized education taken away. The blatant disregard for society at large these students have shown is appalling. There are so many more worthy causes to fight for ladies and gents, please put your tremendous will and drive into something productive and not destructive!

*TM gets off his soapbox*

Here is our best stab and doing something productive! On with the link parade:

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