Happy Canada day everyone!  And Happy Independence Day on Monday for all my American friends

  I hope everyone is firing up the barbeque, hanging out with some great friends and not to mention downing some great drinks, and of course enjoying the sun.

Today I plan to go hiking and then enjoy some Canada Day festivities with the boyfriend.  Since the renovations (which I promise to post pictures of before and after soon, I promise!), BF and I haven’t been doing “fun” stuff lately.  It’s always been going to Home Depot, doing chores etc.  so I’m looking forward to hanging out with him and not talking about responsibilities and chores for once.

Readers, what do you have planned this weekend?  Some well deserved R&R? Camping?
This week, my friend coerced me into buying a $110 Grouse Mountain pass (which entitles you to take the gondola down as hiking down the mountain is prohibited).  Basically, the Grouse Grind is a 2.9km outdoor stair master (see above picture).  It’s free to climb up, but for each gondola ride DOWN the mountain, it costs $10.  Which essentially means that I will have to go 11 times before next year to recoup my money.  I hope to go at least 15 times, and aim for 20 times.  In hopes of helping out my personal new years resolutions (the resolution to exercise more), I have succumbed to spending big bucks in order to force myself to exercise.  I guess this is my version of a gym membership!  Wish me luck!

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