Rambling (and a bit of whining).

This is the first weekend rambling that I did a Saturday (vs a Friday). Sorry it’s late, guys.  This week was so incredibly busy for me, got home at 10pm-ish each night.  It’s great to have a life and friends to meet up with and all, but sometimes people need a little downtime. I decided that I can’t do an entire workweek without having some time to “veg” and hang out by myself (or with my blog and you guys lol).


My $37 one month yoga pass ended and I had thought perhaps I should renew it, but decided against it.  It’s just wayyy too time consuming (but that’s just me).  I would prefer to do yoga in the comfort of my own home, on my own time, and without paying ludicrous amounts of money.  I did really really appreciate the expertise of the instructors in helping me correct my yoga poses and stances, though.


The news of the tsunami and earthquake in Japan that happened late on Thursday was terrible.  First New Zealand and now Japan.  Japan is one of the most advanced countries in terms of earthquake preparedness, but this colossal 8.9 magnitude quake is just so large and devastating.  My thoughts are with those affected by the devastation in Japan this week.  I think we should all take a few moments to become more earthquake prepared ourselves (just a 4L jug of water just won’t cut it, I don’t think).


They say that there are only two certainties in life.  Death and taxes.  So I did finally manage to do my taxes last weekend (Echo, your reminders prevailed! 😉 ).  And was sorely disappointed at the small amount of tax refund I am getting (about $1300).  I haven’t even put in my capital gains into the tax software system yet… and there might be more T3’s or T5’s in the wings waiting to reduce my tax return even further near the end of March.

I did make sure to claim my First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit.  You get a $5000 tax credit (worth $750) if you bought a first home in the aforementioned tax year.

Speaking of tax software!  Here are the winners of the H&R Block Tax Software Giveaway drawn by random.org!  Thanks to everyone for subscribing, there are now over 300 subscribers to youngandthrifty.ca!

  • Grace
  • Anne Marie
  • Bekki
  • Cassie
  • Haley

I think the majority of entrants were female (roughly 75%), but it’s pretty cool that random.org picked all female winners, must be in celebration of International Women’s Day this past week.

  Girls, I will be emailing you the codes today.  Look for it in your email!

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