Sean @ One Smart Dollar writes 5 Popular Craigslist Scams to Watch Out For – Craigslist can be a great place to buy and sell items however it also comes with risks. Here are some of the biggest Craigslist scams to watch out for.

Nick @ A Young Pro writes How to Advance in Your New Career as a Gen Y Employee – So you are a Gen Y employee starting a new career? Learn how to follow the 20/80 rule to get your career of to a great start and rise through the ranks.

Dividend Growth Investor @ Dividend Growth Investor writes Twenty Dividend Stocks I Recently Purchased for my Dividend Portfolio – I had an old 401 (k) with Fidelity, which was eligible for a rollover. In early April I cashed out the index funds in it, and rolled the money over into an IRA. After that I decided to equally allocate the money in twenty individual dividend stocks.

Glen Craig @ Free From Broke writes Do I Need Life Insurance In Retirement? – Generally you use life insurance until you retire but there are times when you still need life insurance in retirement. See when and why.

Jason Hull @ Hull Financial Planning writes Why You Shouldn’t Obsess Over Your Net Worth – The financial planning industry likes to focus on a target number – your net worth. It’s the wrong metric. Here’s why.

Ryan @ Cash Money Life writes PayPal vs. Dwolla: Which is Right for You? – PayPal has been around a long time, but Dwolla has really low transaction rates – which should you choose? Here’s a comparison of the two!

Michelle @ The Shop My Closet Project writes Yearly reviews are like getting a colonic. They suck. – It’s that time of year again when employees are brought into their direct supervisor’s office and given their yearly review. If they’re lucky, they would have been receiving feedback throughout the year and the review will be a series of good bad, good bad scenarios.

Tony @ We Only Do This Once writes The 80/20 Rule and Procrastination – The 80/20 Rule has been one of the most helpful concepts for my time and life management. Also called the Pareto Principle after the Italian economist, Pareto recognized that people in his society were divided into two group. The vital few were the top 20 percent in terms of money and influence, and the trivial many, the bottom 80 percent.

Tori @ Money Life and More writes Saving Money On Weddings: If It Sounds Too Good To Be True… – I was so proud of myself for saving lots of money and getting a fabulous wedding dress! About 3 weeks after placing my order my dress arrived at my future mother in law’s house! Deep in my gut I could tell something was not quite right when she called and told me it had arrived, but in a small box…..

Crystal @ Budgeting in the Fun Stuff writes Become a Product Tester for Free Swag – If you are not interested in medical studies. then below are some legitimate, non-compromising, product testing opportunities for you.

Amanda L Grossman @ Frugal Confessions writes How to Extend Your Cell Phone or Smartphone’s Package Almost for Free – Unlimited data, texting, and talking are a pipe dream for some, especially the unlimited data.

CAPI @ Creating a Passive Income writes For Rent: Do’s and Don’ts of Renting Out Your Space – So you’ve decided to rent out your space! This can be a great income source if you do it right. Here are some do and don’t tips of renting out your space.

krantcents @ KrantCents writes Extreme Retirement Is Fool’s Gold! – The usual definition for extreme includes words like serious, hazardous, dangerous, highest degree, exceptional, severe, physical or mental risk or hardship. I realize that retirement as a goal may be worthwhile enough to take risks, but extreme may be too far.

Don @ MoneySmartGuides writes How to Fund the Purchase of a Car – Despite being such an expensive investment of our money, cars have become a crucial part of our everyday lives.

Little House @ Little House in the Valley writes Bad Sleep Patterns Can Make You Poor – It only makes sense that an individual who eats right, gets moderate exercise and a proper amount of sleep is capable of simply thinking clearer than a person who doesn’t. Focused thinkers are able to make better financial decisions.

Miss T. @ Prairie Eco Thrifter writes Live the Life You Imagine – I realized that I was blaming everything and everyone for the way my life was going, when the only person I should have been blaming was me; myself; I. So, the message in this article about how to make life better is to take full responsibility for it.

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