Since I am running out of cheap and good eats (I think I need to get out more to explore new places to eat), I thought I would add another weekend rambling this month.  Although the holidays are a time meant to spend with family and friends, after the holidays is when the real fun starts.

I usually don’t bother to go out shopping on Boxing Day.  It’s something about the crowds and the lack of parking spaces that really bothers me.  Unless there is something that I need or want, I don’t bother to shop on Boxing Day for the sake of shopping.  In 2009, I bought a Macbook Pro for a discount during Boxing Day.  It was one of the best Boxing Day purchases I have made (even though the discount, like most Apple discounts, was almost negligible).

This year, I am hoping to succumb to the tablet craze and buy an Apple iPad.  I may or may not skip the negligible $20 discount (or whatever it is) to skip the headache of shopping online and just buy it in the store before Boxing Day.

What is everyone planning to do for New Years?  I’m not a big fan of spending $100+ for a glass of champagne but at the same token, I’m not too interested in watching television for the countdown either.  I can’t believe it is 2013 already!  Where are the Jetson style buildings and cars?

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe holiday season!

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