Weekend Ramblings & PF Blog Love: Ex-Mall Rat Edition

I went to the mall this week.  I went to buy a birthday card at the mall  (yes, have been inundated with birthdays these few months) and realized as I was walking through the mall in my sweatpants, without make up on, and pretty much looking like a homeless person, I hadn’t been the the mall since February.  It has been NINE months since I’ve been to the mall.  That was pretty shocking to me since I used to get withdrawal symptoms for not going to the mall on a weekly basis.  It also didn’t help that I worked in the mall during university.

I was tempted by all the shiny things, all the marketing, the promotions, but thankfully I was pressed for time and didn’t stop by these shops.  Otherwise, who knows what kind of damage I might do.

I do enjoy walking through the mall, and I enjoy people watching and sometimes I wonder how often these people I see walking through the mall regularly come to the mall?  I reckon that people who are walking quickly like I did don’t go to malls that often… because like me, they want to “get in and get out”.

Which got me curious to take a general poll (though it might be biased since most commenters are PF bloggers and we KNOW how PF bloggers have some sort of invisible shield that prevents impulsive tempations to head to the mall).

Readers, how often do you go to the mall? Are you a “get in get out” kind of guy or gal? Or a meandering type of shopper who enjoys the process?

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Have a great weekend guys!  One week before Halloween when all the girls have a seemingly valid excuse to dress skanky!


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28 Responses to Weekend Ramblings & PF Blog Love: Ex-Mall Rat Edition

  1. My mall frequency has come down a lot, though I’d estimate I’m still there once every two weeks. I’m definitely more of a browser than an in/out shopper. I find looking around and taking in the sights/people watching to be quite relaxing. That being said, I’m much more cognesant now of the urge to buy Buy BUY!!!! I snicker at the incredibly pushy advertisements, but when I start getting the urge to shop I know it’s time to go home. It’s like my alarm clock.

    • @Cassie- Yeah I’ve been noticing the pushy advertisements too. They make it look like there’s such a great bargain to be found, most of the time. That’s good you have an internal alarm clock stopping you from buying! I do not have that lol.

  2. Unfortunately, I work right next to the mall. A majority of my lunch hour is spent in there and I walk through Robson after work to get to my car. I enjoy the process of “browsing” through stuff. Unless I find stuff that is dirt cheap (i.e. a silk blouse at Banana Republic on sale for $13 bucks) and it is something that I need, then I probably will buy it…. so it’s really tough for me not to go on a “shopping ban” because I would come across a “Great Deal” at least once every week and I had to give in sometimes because I know I will probably buy down the road, but at a higher price.

    I can’t wait to find another job that is further away from all the shopping area in Downtown!

    • @Money Pincher- Oh man! Having to walk through Robson would absolutely kill me! That would be my kryptonite. There’s something about outdoor shopping that makes it so much more tempting to shop. I am a big sucker for cheap stuff too, like stuff on sale and 99.9% of the time I am unable to resist the urge to buy especially if it’s deeply discounted. I am the same way :)

      Good luck with the job search!

  3. Y&T, thanx for the mention! :)

    Well U know how guys feel about malls and shopping to begin with, unless its cell phones or stereo equipment of course (although I hate to generalize its completely true). My trip to Chicago was a mini-splurge, now that I see a few-hundred on the credit card, when it’s normally zero, I have no desire to go spending more 😉

    Have a good weekend Y&T! Don’t study too hard, and even students need to buy nice clothes once in a while…

    The Dividend Ninja

    • @The Dividend Ninja- LOL so could you hang out a lot at Future Shop or Best Buy then? I have the same emotions, when I see a huge CC bill coming up I get totally turned off shopping and then I deprive myself of it. Sometimes I do get the temptation but resist. Red Flag Deals is my nemesis though, i must say.

      Thanks for the well wishes for the weekend! I hope you had a good one, we had a BEAUTIFUL fall Sunday, didn’t we?

    • @retirebyforty- What about Mrs. RB40? Does she like the mall? Yeah, I recall my student days, I swear, I was there perhaps 40% of the time. Just sitting around and loitering. I guess that’s just what young people do when they have no responsibilities!

  4. I’m more of a mall wanderer, but I want to become the “get in, get out” type because I can’t resist really good sales. I buy stuff, then I feel bad, and then it back, which results in yet another trip to the mall! It’s a vicious cycle.

    That being said, I work very close to a mall, and live very close to a mall. I’m not doing a full on shopping ban, but I am going to try to cut back. I would love to not go to a mall for nine months! Maybe that’ll be my goal :)

    • @Mikhaila- Oh no! That’s my worse nightmare. I often do get the “buyers remorse” but end up too lazy to return the item. Yeah! You could start small, like 1-2 months then go to the mall, then ban yourself for another 3 months.

  5. Thanks for the mention!

    Gosh, I only go to the mall when I have to. Does that make me old and crusty? I’m only in my 30’s!

    I like shopping for clothes, I only tend to go a couple of times a year when Guess or Mexx have deals for dudes like me. I also like American Eagle for my casual clothes. Now you know my wardrobe!

    Have a good weekend!

    • @My Own Advisor- LOL, no I think it makes you wise :) Hmm seems like you have pretty good style! Guess, Mexx and AE! For me, I only head into those stores when I’m Xmas shopping (when its December 1, I’m at the mall looking, and looking, and looking for people on my list).

  6. I haven’t been to a mall in over seven years! The second to last time I was at our local mall, somebody broke out a window in my car and stole a lighter and the folder I was using to hold all of my wedding planning necessities {contracts, ideas, swatches etc…}.

    The time after that, my husband and I went to the dollar movie theater in the mall and after politely asking the “gentleman” behind us to get off his cell phone or to take the call outside and he went ghetto crazy on us, threatening to kill us for wanting to watch the movie instead of listening to him make a drug deal…

    So, um… no. I haven’t been back to the mall since then! I also used to work in the mall {a different one} both during and after my high school years and I LOVED it! I was a social butterfly and the constant interaction, fashion, discounts and camaraderie was perfect for me. Now I’m a pretty quiet, frugal work at home wife so none of that stuff appeals to me anymore.

    Gimme a yard sale or a trip to the Goodwill any day. 😉

    • @Peach- WOW. That is a record! I thought i was doing good with 7-9 months LOL. That’s terrible! Someone breaking into your car and stealing your wedding planning ideas- why on EARTH would they take that? And what could they do with it?

  7. Ugh, death to trampy Halloween costumes!

    When I worked in the city I rarely ever went to the mall, as if I needed to shop (or just take a walk around at lunch) there were shops all along the main streets.

    Now I work in the burbs across from a mall, and go there a couple of times a month or so, to top up my bus card at the dairy or pick up something from the supermarket… or kill time when the wait for the bus is too long.

    If I have a purpose, I’m definitely a get in and get out kinda person. But if not, I’m totally happy to browse. Not much of a shopaholic, so looking at/trying on things doesn’t usually result in a purchase! I also like killing time reading mags in bookstores.

    • @eemusings- LOL, I know! Everyone pretty much is wearing lingerie on halloween day and call that a costume haha.

      You have some good self-control! If I had to just go into a mall that was across the street, I think it would be hard for me not to stop in and peruse the shops. I think it’s all about convenience of browsing. I do find that because I seem to be possessing a growing dislike for malls, I have been shopping online quite a bit, though the idea of shipping usually makes me close the browser.

  8. I’m going through a major culture shock right now as it relates to consumerism. We just moved from a small town of 10000 to just outside of Calgary. I’m used to being unable to shop, unless I planed ahead and ordered online or got it from WalMart. Now it’s everywhere! It seems, too, that people here are spenders. Oil and gas is what I hear about all of the time! I’m a stay at home mom, and my husband’s a police officer. I can’t compete with oil and gas families. I just need to remember what it was like to live in a small town and shift my mentality to where I am now… easier said than done.

    • @Kristy- Oh wow! You’ve like moved from small town humbleness to big and brash Calgary! I think it can be somewhat easier being a stay at home mom because you’re staying at home most of the time, you don’t have to “keep up with the joneses” as much as if you were working, I would think. I’ve been staying at home doing my online course studies and I’ve been pretty happy- I don’t feel like I need to dress nice because I don’t go out lol.

    • @Echo- I hate parking too. I liken it to sharks circling around and fighting for food (parking stalls). You’re welcome re: depressing mention 😉

    • @Invest it Wisely- Hmm sounds good! I’m sure I’ll be whiz at it in no time, shall I take the plunge one day into the Cloud… :)

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