I went to the mall this week.  I went to buy a birthday card at the mall  (yes, have been inundated with birthdays these few months) and realized as I was walking through the mall in my sweatpants, without make up on, and pretty much looking like a homeless person, I hadn’t been the the mall since February.  It has been NINE months since I’ve been to the mall.  That was pretty shocking to me since I used to get withdrawal symptoms for not going to the mall on a weekly basis.  It also didn’t help that I worked in the mall during university.

I was tempted by all the shiny things, all the marketing, the promotions, but thankfully I was pressed for time and didn’t stop by these shops.  Otherwise, who knows what kind of damage I might do.

I do enjoy walking through the mall, and I enjoy people watching and sometimes I wonder how often these people I see walking through the mall regularly come to the mall?  I reckon that people who are walking quickly like I did don’t go to malls that often… because like me, they want to “get in and get out”.

Which got me curious to take a general poll (though it might be biased since most commenters are PF bloggers and we KNOW how PF bloggers have some sort of invisible shield that prevents impulsive tempations to head to the mall).

Readers, how often do you go to the mall? Are you a “get in get out” kind of guy or gal? Or a meandering type of shopper who enjoys the process?

PF Blog Love

Have a great weekend guys!  One week before Halloween when all the girls have a seemingly valid excuse to dress skanky!

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