As you can probably see my weekend ramblings follow the mind of an individual with seasonal affective disorder tendencies, most likely!  The weather has been great for spring so far and it has helped remind me how beautiful Vancouver really is.  Yes, I’m clearly drinking the Vancouver kool-aid.

I’m excited for my getaway as I’ll be heading off to Spain for almost two weeks.  I’m going to be meeting a friend of mine who moved to Spain for school but will also be traveling by myself throughout Spain.  I was debating between booking with Air BNB or going hostel style, and I ended up choosing the hostel.  It would be nice to meet fellow travelers (solo travelers I suppose).  I’m heading to Grenada, Sevilla, Madrid, and Barcelona.  The last time I did a trip by myself was over five years ago when I went to Peru.  I’m looking forward to the self-reflective contemplation time on this trip.  Also looking forward to power-reading through the books that I wanted to get through.

Maybe if I get a chance, I’ll do a trip summary for the cost of the trip so far.

Readers, have you been to Spain before?  Do you have any must-sees in the cities that I mentioned?

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