It’s officially February and that means that we’ve had a good 4 weeks + to keep ourselves accountable to our New Years resolution goals.  How have you all fared with your New Years Resolution goals?

For me, I told myself that I would exercise (either yoga or jogging) at least 90 minutes (I know, I set the bar really low, don’t I?) a week and so far I’ve been doing quite well with this.  I give myself an 8/10 for effort.  Some days I feel like a sloth and I know I have X, Y, and Z to do and cross off from my perpetually full To Do list, but I tell myself that exercise and my well-being (and sanity) is more important than the other stuff.

Like I said earlier, I think that exercise is a great stress reliever.  Sometimes when I feel all this energy “buzzing” inside (I start to feel restless, jittery, and a little on edge), I grab my shoes and go out for a jog.  After my run I feel like a gazillion times better and I feel like I can tackle the rest of the week.  Now I know what there are runners so addicted to running.  It’s the natural opioids that we create, I tell ya!

Readers, how have you fared on your new years resolutions?

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