As you probably noticed, this blog has gotten a huge facelift.  It’s brighter, less saggy, and more professional looking.  I was getting sick of looking at the old theme, and there were so many issues with it (like not being able to see threaded comments or have threaded comments), the code on the pages became visible after I upgraded the wordpress editions, and the sidebars were too narrow and things often got cut off.  It was just frustrating, sometimes I would spend HOURS (and days) trying to fix something and studying the CSS or whatnot to try and adjust things a bit.  Now I learned my lesson and I won’t touch anything lol or else it might screw up the theme/ appearance of the blog.

It was about time I invested in this blog, and I’m loving the design and the look of it so far.  It was great working with The Dividend Ninja who was basically the mastermind behind this entire design.  He even got me to give up the old yellow-green apples on my header and replaced them with juicier, less stale looking apples. 😉  It was great to be able to meet up with him and describe what I wanted to see.

So my dear readers, thanks for putting up with the wonkiness of my website the past few weeks (the right sidebar completely disappeared one day- it was good timing because I was already starting to work on the new site with The Dividend Ninja!).

What do you think of the new look?

PF Blog Love

This week’s link love has a lot of girl power! (With the exception of the boys, TDN, PIE, and RB40, of course).  Have a great weekend!

Have a great weekend guys!

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