On a beautiful sunny day my friends and I went out to try Jethro’s Fine Grub.  Jethro’s has been established since 2010 and it’s a hipster looking place in the heart of Dunbar (near Vancouver’s University area).  It has been featured on Diner’s Drive Ins and Dives and of course I had to check it out.

Their brunch menu is diverse with the usual eggs, bacon, and hash browns and different types of French toast.  So many decisions.  My eyes widened as I saw their servings of French Toast (and more importantly, the whipping cream on that French toast).  I estimated that even if I was hungry like a hippo, I could probably only manage to eat half of that.

Being the economically conscious brunch diner that I am, I wanted to have something that I couldn’t make at home.  I also wanted something savory because I tend to have a salty tooth rather than a sweet tooth.  I chose the wild salmon eggs benedict ($12- not super cheap but so worth it).  Their hollandaise sauce was probably one of the most creamiest hollandaise sauce I have ever tasted.  It was to die for.  The eggs were perfectly poached and the yolk was a little runny, just the way I like them.  Honestly, and I don’t say this very often about many restaurants, but each bite into the eggs benedict was like having a little piece of heaven in my mouth.

In terms of the atmosphere, I felt cool just eating there- they have a cool hipster vibe (without being too hipster, do you know what I mean?) going on there.  Simple dark wood tables and chairs, and a plain gray paint on the walls.  The environment in Jethro’s tells me that it’s cool without trying too hard.  The service was great and you could tell that the servers actually cared (it’s always nice when you get that feeling from a server, isn’t it?)

I can see why there’s an hour long wait to get into this place for breakfast and I can see why it was featured on Diner’s and Dives.  It was well worth it!  This is DEFINITELY a place you need to visit if you come to Vancouver.

Readers, do you make it a habit to have brunch at your favourite breakfast place?  Would you wait an hour in line to have brunch?

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