1) All of the housing stuff

Seriously… all of it.


There is no hotter topic in Canada today than what the heck is going on in real estate, and we’ve got it covered from all angles.  Desirae Odjick has handcrafted a resource that explains precise step-by-step strategies for saving and growing a down payment, while Rob Carrick and I discuss the real estate options available in Canada today.  Plus – you’ll hear yours truly muse on why I believe real estate will be a relatively poor investment going forward across most of Canada (they might take away my middle-class Canadian card).

2) How to cut travel costs to the bone

The maestro of Canadian credit cards – Stephen Weyman – steps up to the plate and knocks card recommendations out of the park.  He’ll detail exactly which cards best fit your travel points or cash back style, and some of the hidden perks you might not know about.  Then Barry Choi will make you jealous with travel envy when he tells you about the places he has been for next-to-no money.  I took a ton of notes during his super quick, hard-hitting session.

3) Investing x Investing

When we asked people what they wanted most out of the Canadian Financial Summit they told us investing, investing, and more investing.  So we listened.  You simply aren’t going to find a more qualified cast of Canadian characters from “Millionaire Teacher” author Andrew Hallam, to Boomer & Echo’s Robb Engen, and Millennial money expert Alyssa Fischer.  We’ve even got cutting edge research from 5i’s Peter Hodson on how to play the upcoming legalization of marijuana market!

4) Make sure the tax man doesn’t get a penny more than he should!

We have experts like Evelyn Jacks and Janine Rogan breaking down just how you can take control of your taxable income and only pay the absolute minimum.  Not sure whether to use a TFSA or RRSP?  Need help deciding whether to continue with your sole proprietorship or go the incorporated route?  We’ve got you covered.

5) Can’t-miss tips for young families feeling the financial pinch

Recent mother (Congrats!) Bridget Casey helps young parents out by detailing exactly what to expect (financially) when expecting.  (Spoiler: it doesn’t have to be a financial grenade.) Then we follow that up with family man Tom Drake, who is going to share some super easy tips and tricks that have allowed his young family of four to save (and then invest) a ton of cash over the years.

6) How to become a millionaire before most people pay for a house – from people that have actually done it!

We don’t do vague theory and generalized BS at the Canadian Financial Summit.  Frugal Trader from the Million Dollar Journey Blog and Kornel Szrejber from the Build Wealth Canada podcast join us and explain in step-by-step detail how they were able to hit financially-independent net worths well before their 40th birthdays.

7) More Investing

If you think of yourself as a relatively advanced investor – don’t worry, we’ve got a few more tricks in our bag.  Ed Rempel’s sessions are guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows as he presents some solid research on why you might want a portfolio of 100% stocks going into retirement – AND a special bonus session for people who want to learn how to turn their mortgage into a massive tax-deductible portfolio using the Smith Manoeuvre.  Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to access every detail on how I invest my own money!

8) … And More Housing!

Canadians can’t get enough housing advice – and neither can we.

Mark Seed is going to walk you through the decision-making process that he and his wife have went through as they’ve journeyed from condo, to townhouse, to acreage in the burbs, and possibly now back to the urban centre again.  John Robertson and I will take an honest and detailed look at the rent vs buy debate (if you’re like most Canadians, you might be surprised at what the facts bear out).  Finally, the Canadian housing sensation that burned his mortgage at an age most of us are still learning to shave – Sean Cooper, is in the house (haha) to give us the lowdown on the hacks he used to reach mortgage freedom.

9) Retire from your job – not your lifestyle

I’ve been amazed by how many people are looking for advice as they approach retirement.  You might have spent your whole life “doing the right thing” and building that nest egg – but now comes the tough part: getting the most from all that hard work!  Retirement preparation experts Tea Nicola, Jon Chevreau, Jim Yi, and Mike McNeil are here to guide you through decisions such as taking a lump sum payout or opting for the monthly pension cheque, how to drawdown your investments, and why you should consider smoothing out your income to take advantage of lower tax brackets.

10) Protecting yourself from bad advice and worse airlines

If there has ever been a more powerful consumer advocate tag team than Preet Banerjee and Ellen Roseman I’d love to see it.  These personal finance rockstars will break down exactly how to make sure you get the best and avoid the worst when it comes to financial advice, travel, and much more.  If you want to learn anything about personal finance in Canada you need to know who Preet and Ellen are!

11) Earn More and Pay Attention to What Matters

Rob Brown, Chris Enns, and Martin Dasko might be three of the most entertaining speakers you will find anywhere.  When you take a guy who specializes in rabbit reproduction/Star Wars jokes, an opera-singing/former-farmer/current-financial-advisor, and a personal finance author who gets paid to hit people with chairs (professional wrestler), you know you’re in for a show.  These three identify what we’ve been thinking about the wrong way in personal finance, and why you should really start hustling when it comes to building wealth.


As if all of that weren’t enough, we’ve got all sorts of perks

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