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The Canadian Financial Summit is back for 2018!

Many of your favourite speakers have returned and some new faces are tossed into the mix as well.  Here’s what you’ll missing if you don’t tune in (for free) Sept 12th-15th.

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1) Your Retirement Questions Answered

The biggest surprise for me personally at the end of last year’s Summit was how many people really wanted more information on the years heading into retirement, and then what to do once that light at the end of the tunnel finally arrived.  We really nailed this topic this year as we have Ed Rempel, Jon Chevreau, Jim Yi, Chris Enns, and Mike McNeil (amongst others) looking at:

    • How to organize your finances heading into retirement

How to structure your cash flow to legally avoid as much tax as possible

What investment rules of thumb you can adapt to your situation

How to incorporate work/pension/investment income into your personal plan

2) Retire Early w/FIRE (Financial Independence/Retire Early)

There are lots of people selling the dream – who get to live the dream because they sold it first.

We’re not that.

Meet Millennial Millionaires such as Kristy Shen & Bryce Leung, and Kornel Szrejber, and almost-Millennial Millionaires like Canadian legend Million Dollar Journey’s own Frugal Trader and Mark Seed.  This crew built wealth independent of any “dream selling” and they’re going to share their tips and tricks with you. (Hint: It’s not magic.  It’s all about having a strategy and making smart tradeoffs.)

Sidenote: Whenever I discuss FIRE with smart people like these folks, I can’t help but think back to my youth and arcade basketball game called NBA JAM and the iconic phrase, “He’s on Fire!”.  Ahh… childhood nostalgia.

3) Everyday Canadian Financial Decisions

Some stuff about money is universal.  Spend less than you earn. Passive investing, etc.

But some of this stuff needs to be written for Canadians, by Canadians.

Tune in and watch Wealthing Like Rabbits author Robert Brown and I breakdown just how to make your TFSA vs RRSP decisions.

You’ll also see the Globe and Mail’s Rob Carrick and I discuss the single question we might get asked most of all: Should I do all of my banking with one bank – or is that unsafe?  The answer might be more nuanced than you think.

Finally, just so we get all the Robbs in personal finance land, Robb Engen and I put together a session titled: Canadian Money Mistakes More Common than Beavers and Maple Syrup

4) Preet Banerjee Saying Smart Preet Banerjee Things

If you haven’t heard of Preet before, I suggest you Google his name immediately.


We’ll Wait.

Ok, so now that you know who Preet is, you’ll know that he’s one of the most unique and intelligent people that you’re likely to come across in ANY field.  He just happens to talk about personal finance. Tune in to hear us chat about why your brain might be responsible for tricking you when it comes to decisions about your money – and what you can do to counteract that.

5) Inside Hacks On How to Travel for Free (or Almost)

The maestro of Canadian credit cards – Stephen Weyman – steps up to the plate and knocks card recommendations out of the park.  He’ll detail exactly which cards best fit your travel points or cash back style, and some of the hidden perks you might not know about.  Then Barry Choi will make you jealous with travel envy when he tells you about the places he has been for next-to-no money. I took a ton of notes during his super quick, hard-hitting session.

6) Your Cryptocurrency (BitCoin) Tax Questions Answered

We brought back tax expert Janine Rogan to explain just how investing with cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and Ethereum works.  (Hint: Just because they sound cool doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay taxes on them.)

7) Help for New Canadians

I can’t imagine being new to another country and trying to figure out the tax and finance system.  (Most of us can barely figure out our home country’s way of doing things!) Longtime Canadian tax expert Evelyn Jacks – of Jacks on Tax  fame – joins us to reference tax considerations that are a good reminder for all Canadians, and are uniquely aimed at helping people new to our Great White North.

8) How to Get Results When You Got Ripped Off

Consumer protection guru/fighter Ellen Roseman takes us inside her world of protecting Canadians from big companies.  Learn how to level the playing field if you’ve been done wrong by an airline, phone company, or anyone else in a Canadian context.

9) Help for Parents

Learn why financial planner Ed Rempel believes that parents are the most highly-taxed people in Canada!  If you want to better understand the Canadian Child Benefit (CCB) and how to get as big a cheque from the government as possible, this is the session for you.

10) Step-by-step Getting Started With Investing Guides

John Robertson and Bridget Casey bring their unique brands of insight and investing knowledge to bear on the problem of getting started with investing.  There are often many small obstacles to building your own stock portfolio or even getting started with a passive investing strategy. Together, those obstacles often add up to paralysis by analysis for most Canadians – and we never get out of base camp when it comes to climbing the investment mountain.  John and Bridget are investment veterans will help you get started and thrive as they tear down illusions and explain concepts in plainspeak.

11) How to Get Married Without Going Broke

Be prepared to curb your jealousy as you gaze upon Desirae Odjick’s beautiful wedding pictures that were just shot this summer!

Then be prepared to be stumped when she reveals how she was able to enjoy her “perfect day” for much less than the “average” numbers that often get tossed around by the wedding industrial complex.

Learn how to maximize your wedding budget from one of my favourite Canadian writers and someone who just enjoyed the experience (and isn’t trying to sell you a package of some kind).

For More Details…

Where are else are you going to find all of these Canadian financial experts (plus one slightly-above-average host) in one place – for FREE?!

It all starts Wednesday, Sept. 11 – so sign up for your FREE tickets today!

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