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I seriously cannot believe that it is the end of 2014 already.  This year seemed like it flew by!

To be honest, my personal finance resolutions for 2014 weren’t that exciting, but I will review them to see if I was on target or not.  I spent a lot of money this year traveling and I also bought a new car, so there were some big expenses that were a drain on my pocket book and net worth.

Just to recap, here were my personal finance resolutions for 2014:

Maximize The TFSA

This year, for 2014, the TFSA contribution limit is $5500. My current TFSA portfolio which is comprised entirely of my Questrade Do It Yourself TFSA portfolio is hovering at around $37,000.  At the end of 2014, my TFSA portfolio is just shy of $42,000.  The maximum contribution limit is $31,000 for 2014 (if you had never contributed) so my Do It Yourself TFSA account isn’t doing too shabby.  I did maximize it too much (there IS such thing as “too much of a good thing”) and ended up having to pay a penalty but did get the money back in the end.

Maximize the RRSP

My goal was the maximize the RRSP, I did this and I hope to get a nice tax return in 2015.

Increase my Net Worth to $380,000

My net worth is almost $382,000 if you include my pension contributions to date, however, to date I have not reached the $350,000 net worth goal I set for myself, but perhaps this will change in 1.5 months.  I did end up buying a new car so this off set my net worth by quite a bit, and I also traveled frivolously this year.  I went over budget from the $6500 I allocated for my trips by ohhhhh… about $4000.  Haha.  I will make up for it next year by making sure I stay in budget for all 2015 travel/mini trips to under $5000.

Possibly Get A New Car

I believe I came under my budget of spending $25,000 on the car… I spent just under $22,000 on the car.   I ended up buying a new car (haha! What a personal finance sin) but the new car cost about the same as an old car (give or take $1000).

Get Some Blue Chip US Dividends In My Portfolio

I don’t think I ended up buying any Blue Chip US Dividends except for the telecom company AT&T (NYSE: T) which I hold in my Questrade RRSP.  When (if) the US dollar becomes at par with the Canadian dollar, I will buy more US Dollars and then have more money to buy US Dividend stocks in my portfolio.

Now…If you are interested in my personal life, you can continue onwards, if not, I would advise you to stop reading now because I will talk about my 2014 personal new years resolutions.

Run & Exercise

I ran my first ever half marathon this year and squeaked in sub 2:00- 1:59 to be exact (in my training runs, I had NEVER got to under 2:00, it goes to show you how strong adrenalin can be).  It was a fun experience to see everyone so excited and to train with friends.  Since the half marathon my running had subsided greatly, I run about twice a week to a maximum of 10km per run now.  Training for a half marathon was like an extra part-time job.  I felt great doing it but it really took up a lot of time.  I have a small temptation to do a full marathon but I just can’t see myself running for 4 hours at a time.


I completely fell off this band wagon and I feel bad about it.  I was pretty good last year and up until the summer of 2014 and then I fell off the band wagon.  I now meditate maybe once a week but I really should get back too it.  Sometimes I feel like I have no time to.  Excuses excuses.

Spend More Quality Time With Family And Friends

I think I did alright with this resolution.  I saw my family weekly and saw my friends weekly pretty much!  Sometimes I feel stressed out trying to schedule time with friends and crave my own down time, but I have learned to deal with this.
Readers, how did you do for your new years resolutions in 2014?

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Congrats on your success in 2015! Who knows, you might make it in the top 5 of the MoneySense TFSA Race next year:

Great job achieving most of your goals throughout 2014. I will be following along to see how you make out on your 2015 goals. Good job with the size of your TFSA!

Congrats on achieving your goals. Even if something falls short, we should tap ourselves on the back if the positive stuff is there.
Have a nice 2015!