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And just like that, 2015 is finished. I can’t believe that 2015 is already over. Time really does fly when you’re having fun (sorry to talk in cliche, I feel like I am writing in my high school graduation write-up).

I, like many people, like to take some time at year end to reflect on the goals or resolutions that I set out to achieve this year and review whether or not I have achieved my 2015 personal finance goals.

Max Out the TFSA

When I wrote the original post one year ago, I had no idea that Stephen Harper would dangle the carrot and increase the TFSA contribution room to $10,000.  Immediately after they announced it, I filled up my TFSA to the max  $10,000 for 2015.

So, I think I can safely say that this goal is:


Max out the RRSP

I was able to  max out the RRSP, which consists of stocks in my Questrade RRSP, a TD e-series account, and a GIC.  I rebalanced my TD e-series account (after three years of not rebalancing) and needing to buy more funds to rebalance, hence I was not able to continue my $200 a month of contribution and instead reduced my contribution to quarterly.

This goal is also:


Rebalance Regularly

Writing down when I should be rebalancing definitely helped me to remember to rebalance.  I was able to diligently rebalance on a quarterly basis and even managed to rebalance further by re-making my portfolio in an investment portfolio makeover!  Now I am just buying new VAB, XIC, and VXC on a monthly basis.  I keep a much smaller proportion of the portfolio in equities (I just can’t let go of those dividends completely).

I would say that this goal is also:


Increase Networth to $385,000/$400,000

I had a goal to increase my net worth from $350,000 to $385,000, or $400,000 if you include my defined benefit pension contributions.  My monthly net worth updates chronicled how I was doing with an aim to achieve this.  I definitely achieved the latter goal, increasing the net worth to $400,000, however, the former goal was much more difficult to achieve.

As of my most recent December 2015, I have $3900 remaining and 30 more days to see if I can reach this target.  Hopefully I can mark it achieved as well!


Spend Less on Traveling and shopping

I aimed to spend less than $5000 annually in my travel budget, which seems like a lot but given that I went on multiple trips this year, it was just enough (actually I am under budget by $100 haha).  I went to Phoenix, Hawaii, Asia for two weeks, camping twice, a road trip to the wine country of B.C. for a weekend in the summer, and on a road trip down a portion of the Oregon Coast.

I saved money by using my Aeroplan points for a Hawaii flight.

In addition to the ‘spending less on traveling goal’, I also endeavoured to do a shopping ban every other month.  It actually worked out nicely, on the months that I could ‘shop’ were also the months I was away so didn’t have to feel bad about shopping.  It also helps because if I wanted something I could just wait until the month after (and in the interim, re-evaluate whether I actually wanted it).  I ‘saved up’ for my new toilet (and it was probably the best purchase of 2015 ever).  I would say I have definitely cut down on my spending on clothes/ accessories/ shoes.

I might have cheated a few times, like spending under $5 for something like a treat for myself, but usually I was pretty good.

I would say that this was:


Read 4 Financial Books

My goal was to read four financial books in 2015.

The four financial books that I read were:

Thankfully this is also:


Readers, what were your 2015 personal finance resolutions?  Have you achieved them?

Article comments


Great job achieving your goals this year. It’s nice to be able to look back and see that you’ve achieved pretty much everything you’ve set out to do.

I didn’t achieve all my business goals this year (I don’t really track personal goals right now). I’m looking forward to a good 2016 though as I have a solid plan and extra time for work that I didn’t before to reach my goals.

Young says:

@Stephen- Thanks! Yeah, that’s always a good feeling. Here’s to an excellent 2016! That’s good to hear you’ll have more time for your business goals, always a nice feeling not to feel so wrapped up in the grind that one doesn’t have time for goals/ development.