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Facebook went public, the founder married his college sweetheart, and their ads just keep getting creepier and creepier...

A little over a year ago, I posted an article on 9 Reasons to Deactivate Facebook.  Since then, a lot has happened.  Facebook went public, the founder married his college sweetheart, and their ads just keep getting creepier and creepier.

Just for fun, I thought I would list a few more reasons to deactivate Facebook.

Suggested/ Sponsored Posts

Because Facebook is now public, they need a way to make money.  There are a lot more suggested or sponsored posts nowadays.  These suggested posts even fill up your news feed and sometimes it can be hard to discern what is an advertisement and what isn’t.  As per usual, the ads on the side of your Facebook home page screen always make you a bit creeped out because Facebook really knows what you have been searching about or talking about lately.  Thank goodness I don’t see much of the “Ethical Engagement Rings” ad anymore otherwise it would drive me bonkers.

Facebook Makes you Depressed

According to Time, regularly surfing on Facebook makes you lonely, depressed, and frustrated or angry.  We can’t help but compare ourselves to our peers.  People usually post only happy things on Facebook, they post what a great time they are having, how much fun they are having, and we don’t usually get to see the “real” side of life where people have inevitable down days (unless they are one of those annoying people who never have a bad day).

Another reason why some people on Facebook might feel depressed is if there are few people “liking”  your status updates or few people commenting on your status updates.  That lack of social validation (which is essentially what Facebook is all about) can really get some people down.

The People that Post Inappropriate Things

Now I’m not sure if this is more sad or more inappropriate.  I’m not talking about the inappropriate things like “I just farted” as a status update.  I’m talking about the status updates where it is absolutely clear that they are completely mentally unstable and they are asking for help or seeking validation.  Or if they are complaining or looking down on other people.

Please, you have real life friends for that…right?  You don’t need to broadcast it to 314 of your friends.

I’ve seen a few status updates that are just shocking like:

“It takes a lot for me to declare someone genuinely dumb.  I have found that person today”

—- really?  Please get off your high horse.

“I don’t know if I can take this life anymore”

Followed by comments like “are you okay?” x 15 with no response from the original status updater (until the next day)

and “For those “friends” who call themselves my friends, don’t be so judgmental of me”

—- well, if you say that you drink before you get to work to get through the day, and outright post that on Facebook, that’s kind of asking for judgment (and concern).

Engagement and Wedding Updates

I’m not sure which was worse.  Seeing engagement and wedding updates for people while I was in a 7.5 year relationship that was going no where, or while I am single.   Probably the former and not the latter.

It’s great to be happy for my friends who are all getting engaged and look so happy in their done up engagement photos, but this alludes to the “Facebook Makes you Depressed” reason.  Haha 🙂  However, I’ve gotten past myself (thankfully) and have been able to be genuinely happy for these wonderful couples because they have found love!  It doesn’t make me depressed like it did before.

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Baby Photos Filling Up the Newsfeed

Probably the most important reason why you should deactivate Facebook is the incessant number of baby photos.  Sure your baby is cute and adorable, but do you really really have to post a picture of your baby or toddler on a daily (or sometimes a few-times-daily) basis?

Apparently there’s an app to remedy this problem.  Mashable says there’s an app that you can unbaby the baby photos and replace the pictures of babies with photos of bacon and cats.  Now there’s an app for that and there’s an app that I would download.  Haha.  Or you could just hide their posts.

With all being said, Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with your close friends and family and share pictures.  Maybe just do a regular Facebook cleanse to maintain this instead of deactivating it if you want to keep in touch with your friends and family.

Readers, do you have any other reasons why you should deactivate Facebook?

Article comments


I’ve been Facebook free for over 4 years now. Same with my bf. We’re anti-Facebook people. If you need to get in touch with us, you have to do it the old-fashion way: e-mail. 😛

I found it to be such a time waster. You would start looking at all your friends updates and photos and before you know, three hours have passed. I’m all for taking time to veg and do mindless work, but it seems Facebook can really be a time sucker.

I also found it annoying when everyone asked to be your friend. People you’ve met once. People from your elementary school who you never really talked to in the first place. And then they don’t bother msging you after you accept them. What gives?

Koala says:

I won’t be deactivating any time soon. When I’m having a bad day, I have a few FB friends where I go to their page just to look at cute babies!

Is that for real, an app that can “unbaby” babies and magically turn them to cute cats on fb? lol
Am definitely trying that one. And I agree with you Facebook is just depressing! All the whining and cry-babies, just rains on my happy day parades. Am actually convinced about pulling the plug on it…I have quit twice and the snuck back 🙁 Maybe you can provide tips on the how (Okay, I know its just a matter of discipline and doing it…its kinda hard though…I keep wondering, “what might I be missing now?”)

Young says:

@Simon- It’s hard. I caved and went back. I just hide the annoying posters and the baby photos now. Unless the babies are really cute. haha.

Leslie says:

Well-said! Of all the technology I gave up over a year ago, I have yet to “crave” using Facebook again. Actually, I just get annoyed that so many other sites require a fb account for logging in. I definitely enjoy my life and friends more off-facebook than I ever did looking at their lives on my feed.

Oh facebook. I remember when it first came out as a college student communication website. I loved it back then. Now, I only keep it around so I can manage my blog’s facebook page. Other than that, I don’t log into my profile and look at anything. There is just too much junk on there these days.