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youngandthrifty lists six free apps (for the iPhone, android, etc) that will make your personal finance life easier. Including bloomberg, pageonce, cheap gas,

I promised a few weeks ago that I would include a post on some of my favourite apps that help manage my personal finance more easily.  I know I promised to do it last week, but I thought you might be somewhat iPhone info overloaded, so I decided to give a break for a week.  I used these apps when I had the iTouch and am still using these apps on the iPhone (because they are so awesome).

I’m sure you can find the same (or similar) apps on your Android or your Blackberry too (and other smart phones/iPads etc).

Six Great and FREE Personal Finance Apps:

  • Bloomberg: I love this app! I use it daily (or at least Monday to Friday).  You can input your stocks (amount acquired, price acquired) and it tells you how much you are up (wheee!!) or down (boooo!!).  You can also track stocks that you don’t currently hold but want to watch.  It helps me keep track of my stocks to make sure they’re not doing anything too crazy and helps cue me to take action and pounce when I see a stock that I’ve been eye-balling that’s on “sale”.
  • Cheap Gas: This app is pretty cool too.  It tracks your location and tells you when and what the most recent prices on gas are in your vicinity.  The main drawback is that it depends on people reporting the price, so sometimes the prices can be a bit outdated (like 8 hours ago).
  • Pay Back: I find this app quintessential, especially for traveling and going “dutch”.  You leap with faith when inputting the numbers, but it really does work and is 100% accurate.  How it works is you create a trip, input the people chipping in for the trip, input the expenses and who paid (and who is chipping in for the expense) and then press ‘It’s Pay Back Time!’  You will know who owes who what..just like that!  It eliminates the need to pay two or three people when you just need to pay one (makes the transactions much “cleaner”).  It’s one of my all time favourite apps.
  • Balance: Great app for writing down what you spend your money on (as mentioned in my 3 part Financial Cleanse series).  It tells you how in the negative you are so you can keep track of your debits and credits to your account.  Automatic net worth calculation if you’re meticulous about inputting the data at the point of transaction.  Doesn’t include your bank information etc. so if you’re not good at updating, then this isn’t the app for you.
  • PageOnce- This is a great app (sort of works like Mint.com, but the Mint app is only applicable to US accounts currently) and tracks all of my credit cards (having two credits cards, it can be difficult to keep track of the balances and transactions I make), bank accounts, and investing information.  You can set a pass code for it and you can log out to delete the data from the device you are using for added security.
  • iData Usage– Tracks the data that I’ve been using on both Wifi and Cellular to make sure I don’t go over my data.  PageOnce also has an app that tracks your bill from AT&T (but alas, not for Telus).

There you have it. These are my utmost favourite apps for my smartphone.

Do you have any personal finance apps that are free (or very cheap) that you are a big fan of?

Article comments

Nick says:

Download Meter app seems to be better (and prettier) than “iData Usage” for tracking your traffic, and is also very cheap.

Ross says:

I would also like to add that the Mint.com app currently supports the Big Four Canadian banks, along with many other banks (INGDirect.ca included). Honestly, it’s the best finance app that I currently have, since you can set alerts for anything from services charges to transaction limits.

Ross says:

I used to use a free app called ‘iTrade’, which was basically a stock market simulator that gave you $100,000 each month to play with. You compete with others, and once the month is up you can see the transactions others made that made or lost money.

Rogers’, ING Direct’s and Paypal’s free apps are also on my phone, along with paid apps like Bistromath and Soulver that are handy with finances.

young says:

@Ross- Interesting- but having play money is harder i think because you don’t treat it the same way you would necessarily treat your real $100K in the bank, right? But it does still sound like a great app nonetheless. I wish TELUS would make a free app! All the other wireless carriers have one except for them. Bistromath and Soulver- I need to look into that one. Mint.com’s app has the big four Canadian banks? That’s good to know. I like that PageOnce has access to my credit card transactions, so I can keep track of what’s going on so far.

It’s not cheap, but one of the best apps I have ever purchased is QuickOffice. It lets you save, edit, open any Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file. It also lets you attach them to an email, or save them from an email. You can also easily sync it with your home or office computer! Great app, but a little pricey!

young says:

@The College Investor- Thanks for sharing. It says it costs about $4.99 for the QuickOffice mobile and $9.99 for the Quick Office Connect. That actually sounds really handy! I wish I had word on my macbook though, it would make it even easier.