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Man, was I excited when Amazon Prime Canada popped a few weeks ago when I was surfing through my favorite internet stomping grounds.

In the wake of “Prime Day” we thought we’d take a look at Amazon Prime Canada in 2016.  If you scroll down you can see our original review of Amazon Prime when it first came to Canada.  Unfortunately, not a whole lot has changed – making Prime a tough value proposition at $79 for Canadians when we can only lick our chops when looking at what our southern neighbours get for the price tag of $99.  Students get a special deal for $39 (that I’m still currently enjoying as I finish my Master’s degree on a part-time basis).

**Quick update – As of December 2016, Amazon Prime officially includes video – thus changing the value proposition considerably.  We’ll be revisiting our initial assessment in a few months once we see how this all shakes out!**

The Good…

Amazon Prime continues to do one thing really well in Canada – deliver goods relatively quickly for free.  If you place a premium on goods arriving fast, then this alone might be make a Prime Membership worth it for you.  But when you consider that Amazon orders nearly always include free shipping if you’re willing to wait for standard delivery, then you’re really just paying for speed here.  One-day shipping options are also offered starting at $3.99.


Since its inception, Amazon Prime has added its Amazon photos feature to membership benefits.  Essentially this is a large amount of cloud storage that you can use to save photos and short videos.  It’s very comparable to a service such as Dropbox.  Overall, a nice perk, but not exactly a game-changer given the other options available within the space.

If you’re a real deal-seeker, a Canadian Prime membership also offers a little bonus for you as members get access to Lightning Deals 30 minutes before everyone else.  These deals tend to cluster around big days such as Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day.  Personally I find searching for these deals way too time intensive, but that’s just me.

After two years of huge build up to Amazon Prime Day I have been pretty disappointed.  Now I should quickly add that I continue to be a very satisfied customer of Amazon overall, it’s just that Amazon Prime Day seems to be more of an exercise in cleaning out old inventory (some folks have even used the term “garage sale”) than actual deals on in-demand products.  I suppose this is only reasonable when you consider how thin Amazon’s margins are to begin with, but all the same, I wouldn’t let access to this “Big Sale” be the difference when it comes to signing up for a Prime Membership or not.

The Bad…

Because of Canada’s low population density we still have problems getting US-level shipping commitments – even in urban centres.  Canada’s Amazon offerings also leave something to be desired (although it should be noted, still a massive leap ahead of where we were ten years ago).  This is NOT to say that anything that Amazon does in a vacuum is objectively “bad”.  I mean, we’re talking about an innovator that has put price pressures on the entire retail world and also allows me to rarely ever step foot in big box stores or shopping malls.  Because of that, Amazon will always have a special place in my heart.  The problem when it comes to the Amazon Prime experience is that we aren’t judging it relative to a retail vacuum.  Instead, we’re directly comparing it to what Amazon Prime looks like in the USA…


Here’s a brief outline of what Americans get as part of their Amazon Prime memberships:

  • Everything we Canucks get.
  • Free same-day delivery in certain urban zip codes.
  • Prime Now: Free two-hour delivery on certain items in certain zip codes.
  • Restaurant delivery as part of Prime Now.
  • Prime Video: basically Amazon’s free version of Netflix.  While most reviewers have the service as second to Amazon, it does include exclusive original programming such as “Transparent” and “Alpha House”.  It also gives you access to original Amazon movies such as Adam Sandler’s new projects.
  • Prime Music: Amazon describes it as “unlimited, ad-free access to hundreds of Prime Playlists and more than a million songs.”  Basically it’s like a free Spotify, but with many less songs.
  • A bunch of other cool stuff like Kindle First, Amazon Family, and exclusive video game savings.

To summarize: for an extra $20 US Amazon Prime Members get a second-rate Spotify, a second-rate Netflix, same-day delivery (how the hell is two-hour delivery a thing?!), and restaurant delivery – plus a few other bonuses. 

What an unbelievable deal!  How do you not have Prime if you live in the States?  If they were able to offer similar packages in Canada (and why not?  It’s all streamed?) I’d pay at least $200 for that value.  Sadly, at this point we’re stuck with the little brother deal.  Hopefully Amazon is able to up the ante sooner rather than later.  In the meantime, I’ll continue on my Amazon Prime Student deal and enjoy the meagre benefits, but I’m still not sure that $79 for the current package is a good value for most Canadian consumers.

The original 2014 review….

Amazon Prime Canada Review – 2014

Man, was I excited when Amazon Prime Canada popped a few weeks ago when I was surfing through my favorite internet stomping grounds.  You see, I’m a confessed Amazon addict.  Growing up I always thought I hated shopping.  It turns out I just hate stores, malls, bad service, terrible comparison capability, and other people, NOT shopping itself.  I love scanning through the deals on Amazon, seeing what “it” recommends to me, and the ease with which the whole process is facilitated.  The only downside is waiting a week or two for my products to arrive since I always opt for the “Free Super-Saver Shipping” because I am way too cheap to pay a bunch of money extra for the quicker shipping speeds.  Consequently, I have been jealous of my American friends who for $79 a year got access to free two-day shipping from Amazon, in addition to a library of free eBooks AND free streaming of a wide selection of TV and movies.

Two Day Shipping… Sort Of

Because I am so jealous of this feature, I almost signed up for the new Amazon Prime Canada without even thinking about it.  I order between 10-20 packages a year from the company, so the two-day shipping was a sweet deal, not to mention everything else.  Then I realized… oh wait, there is no “everything else” and the two-day shipping isn’t really two-day shipping for me…  See, it turns out that Amazon can’t guarantee that ultra-fast shipping time to many of Canada’s rural post codes.  I understand why that it is – Canada’s low-density rural areas just don’t have the infrastructure that virtually all of the USA enjoys – it still just takes some of the shine off of the apple for me.  To Amazon’s credit, instead of the two-day shipping guarantee, they state they will give free standard shipping instead to those rural areas.  However, for most items the difference between standard shipping and the free “Super-Saver” shipping is only a few days, and being that pretty much all of my purchases already qualify for that free shipping, it’s not a huge advantage.

The online conglomerate also mentions that extremely discounted 1-day shipping for “as low as $3.99” is also available through the new offer.  It should also be noted that when I clicked through to the one-month trial offer and tried to order a video game, it responded by saying that the item was not eligible for Amazon Prime.  I have no idea which items qualify and which don’t, but it’s obviously something to take into consideration.

Amazon Prime Canada

Live Streaming and eBooks…

On the subject of content in addition to the shipping benefits, Amazon Prime.ca trails its American brethren miserably.  Nowhere that I could find is it mentioned that free eBooks or live streaming of anything is in the works.  This was a huge let down.  The free books and access to the Amazon library alone made the $79 worth it to many Americans that I know.  Since we’re paying the same price here in Canada, I think it is logical to assume we should get access to the same online resources.  Oh well, little brother just isn’t as big and strong as older brother is!

To answer the original question of, “Is Amazon Prime Canada Worth It?” I’d have to think that for most people the answer is “no”.  If you order more than twenty packages a year and place a premium worth more than $79 on that increased speed, and you live in an urban centre. Then you are probably in the minority that Amazon Prime Canada works out well for.  For the rest of us, until the corporate giant sweetens the pot a little bit, I recommend passing over the opportunity and spending the $79 on some cheap reading material.

Article comments

David Orchards says:

Worth it?

For the 2-day shipping, movies & tv shows and reasonable prices on some items that I commonly purchase? Yes, absolutely.

Example: printer toner/vacuum bags/some automotive parts.

There are some items that are ridiculously priced and I avoid those like the plague.
Example – Fridge thermometer – for a decent brand, I can pay $6.99 locally, on Amazon, it’s almost double that for questionable quality.

Some items are even worse at 3-4x the price as locally. It really depends what you’re buying.

Sandor says:

Called amazon a week ago and spoke to an agent regarding a $47 order showing as delivered, I didn’t get the package. It is possible someone else walked by and took it. This is not the first time, actually 80% of the time, I have to hunt for the package because lazy carriers will not drop it at the door instead at wrong address or a vulnerable spot.
I called again and I found out my concern last week was not even processed and now I have to wait for them to investigate and start the process all over. It is a complete joke, the next agent is more incompetent and they have you going from one agent to the next with no results and I still don’t have the product. It is disgraceful and it is a lottery draw to get an efficient agent to satisfactorily provide you with a final resolution. It is absolutely hell. I have already canceled my prime membership, it’s not worth the money. Sadly still waiting as agent was dismissive and brushed me off with (and I quote);

We’ve raised an investigation to check what actually happened with the delivery and also asked to find the location of package is possible.
Our investigation team will take 3 days to update the results.
As informed please contact us after three days that is on: March 07,2021.

And I asked what happened between FEBRUARY 27-MARCH 5? NOTHING HAPPENED

Idiotically waiting for AMAZON to get it together, “Dumbfounded”

Rachel Hardisty says:

Amazon sucks big-big-big time. I’ve been trying to order (for more than a month or 2) and unable to. They want verification of a virtual visa that is used by the Royal Canadian Bank and there is no way to do that unless they call a 1 800 number that they are well aware of. Charges to virtual visa charges comes directly out of you chequing bank account and the last 4 digits do not show on the statement. Still they will not accept that. Sure, it is a security policy, but they are not willing to call the bank to verify. So then I changed the credit card to a master card and sent them a copy of the bill/statement. Still, that is not enough. It is very difficult to connect with a human being. I friggen hate-hate this.

Mary Strimas says:

Please cancel my Amazon Prime Membership, immediately. I live in Canada so the benefits aren’t as good as other countries. The service is just too expensive. Thank you.
Mary Strimas

Byron Geddis says:

I was in hospital and got cancelled from prime How do I rejoin

joe says:

I tried amazon prime,s free trial. I will not be subscribing for a few reasons. firstly, I live in Canada, so immediately, our benefits don’t compare to other country,s. The difference being, we don’t get two day shipping, and since I live in a rural area, it,s even longer. Second, the price of prime products that qualify for prime benefit,s, are always at least $3.00 more than identical product,s from other seller,s. Third, Is, the guaranteed delivery date, is too often not accurate, and all you get is an apology text. fourth, is, the selection of prime products is quite poor. fifth is, the video and music selection is pitiful, at best. most of all the PRIME reason, is, it,s too expensive, especially considering the poor quality servie and savings Canadian,s get.

William says:

My comment is not related to the Prime membership. It seems that here this article is the latest one that I can find in the net comparing the .ca and .com. Please allow me to make my commet here. I am a Canadian citizen and living in Canada, and have been shopping from both sites in the last 4 years. Many of the comments above already mentioned the hugh price difference between .ca and .com. My other experiences have been:
1. .ca rejected my Prime Student membership when I started my PhD, but .com approved it. The reason .ca gave me was my program was in the U.S.
2. .com provides better follow-up once I placed an order. Order Confirmation, Shipment Confirmation, an email asking my feedback about the shipping process, an email asking me feedback about the product. .ca only sends order confirmation and shipment confirmation. Then, the part that I hate is there would be 4 to 5 other emails on the next week telling me what other customers have brought that would go along with the product that I just got. I know they know what I brought. But, these after-sale for more sales emails make me so insecure.
3. I can get Kindle version of books published in Canada by Canadian authors in the .com site, but not in .ca site. This is another thing that drive me nuts!

Mari says:

I am still trying to figure it out. I bought Prime membership and made my first order including a $10. purse that I was dinged $15. shipping on. I wrote back and forth with them many times and I was assured that I wouldn’t be charged any shipping fees. Come to find out that free shpg is only for items “Sent from Amazon and fulfilled by Amazon” Nobody I talked to in those several weeks of conversations ever mentioned this. So now, I go shopping there and i’m always finding things that I want but they don’t have those magic words associated with the items so I don’t order them. I was also told that if I saw shpg chrgs on my order I had time to back out of the purchase…..another lie! You don’t find out about the charge until it’s too late after the item has been ordered. I dunno, maybe i’m using it wrong but i’m suspicious of them big time now.

Bill C Riemers says:

It has been about two years. Amazon music and video still suck. I told Alexa to play Weird all any only his worst really old songs were available. I asked Alexa to play Human League and I got a mix of really bad of coverband imitations that were really bad. I ask Alexa to play the Glen Miller band and she tried to sell me a cd. Back to Spotify for music…

For video amazon does not support the roku in Canada. I decided to try watching on the computer. I ended up rewatching some mr bean episodes… But I get those OTA. Nothing really worth the hassle of hacking around the roku limitations.

Get Amazon prime for the shipping.

André Bruneau says:

This just in. U. S. A. Prime membership just went up $20 to $119, but it’s still $79 in Canada, for now. Add to this the fact that there are increasingly more items reserved for. Prime members, I’m starting to look at Amazon in a whole different way.

Bill says:

Sadly disappointed. Prime video will not run on a Roku in Canada and the selection is no better than free channels like crackle.

Prime music will not work on the echo. Well technically it will but only if you give up 99% of the echo functionality. You see if you register an echo with a Canadian amazon account, most skills and even built in functionality like voice recognition and family groups will be missing. You cannot even connect to Plex if you want to use amazon prime music. Or listen to pandora or iheart radio.

The shipping is two days, but that is normally how long it takes for standard free to my home. Over all it seems fairly useless.

Matthew Hill says:

I spend part of the year in the US and buy a lot from Amazon there. If I subscribe to Amazon Prime there
would the benefits apply here in Canada? It seems to me that the video should be seamless, at least.

Kyle says:

No – sorry Matthew. No benefits for you! You could probably access your video through a VPN though – other than that, I haven’t found a way to make use of it.

Shanon says:

I don’t feel Prime is worth it in Canada. As far as Amazon helping in close big box retailers there is one nemesis thats going to prevent that from happening in the retail world completely and that’s shipping company’s like Canada Post, UPS, Purolator, etc. While we enjoy ordering from our computers due to easy access not everyone enjoys late packages, undelivered packages, tracking numbers that don’t work, having to pick up packages at post office instead of at the door, packages that are handed off to your neighbors to give to you, damaged items from shipping etc. People are going to have problems with some carriers and not others unfortunately we don’t get to pick our carriers and after a while people are going to find it just as easy to pick it up at the store. The more you shop through Amazon.ca the more your going to get tired of the shipping company’s. If people have to pick up parcels and packages at the post office instead of at their door then why not go to the store after all most items are either on par or cost more on Amazon.ca then in the store. Don’t get me wrong Amazon does have some good deals but research first as they are few and far between.

Dean Erb says:

Amazon prime in Canada is worth it to me. Subscribe and save on everyday use items saving me 15% on those items and they are the cheapest on Amazon than anywhere else local. Also 20% off a box diapers!? Yes please! 100″motorized projector screen $200 shipped? Unheard of. I’m thoroughly enjoying my prime subscription. I think we should stop comparing and just look at the benefits of our offerings.

Shanon says:

It’s not worth it. It would be worth it alone if you get 10%-15% off of purchases so EX: Say you spend $500.00 you would be saving between $50.00-$75.00 pretty much that pays for the cost of the membership at 15% anything over that you would be saving money in a year. That alone without the other garbage would be worth it. But no real savings is not really worth it.
Not all shoppers would be getting Prime if they don’t do a lot of shopping but the ones that do a lot of shopping would. On the business side of it, it would make sense for Amazon to do that to encourage more spending. But Netflix and other crappy offers encourages no extra spending for purchases through the site. People already have Netflix at home why would a person need another one or a site similar.

Anne says:

Got Canadian prime a couple of months ago and it is truly disappointing. There might be a few hundred titles at best. It doesn’t even include all of their original programming. There’s only ten titles there. Don’t get prime because of their video selection.

Kyle says:

I agree that their video selection is no Netflix Anne – but it definitely does add some value to the overall package does it not?

Glenda Tigchelaar says:

Please cancel my AmazonprimeMembership as I live in Canada and use Amazon.ca as much as possible. I had $106.92 taken from my bank acct on Dec7 . How did that come about??

Kyle says:

Glenda – I can’t cancel your account – you’ll have to contact Amazon.com for that. What I assume happened is that you signed up for a free trial but put in your bank account or credit card.

Dirk G says:

Amazon prime in Canada does now have Prime Video included. Not a lot of content but I really like the Original Series like “the Grand Tour” and “The man in the High Castle”
They do seem to be adding more Shows regularly and I am enjoying the prime membership.

Ljiljana says:

I am amazon.ca prime memeber …as of 2017 I will not be prime memeber any more
amazo.ca prime membership is a scam.. I had never received parcels within 2 days as they had guarantied
very often never got my parcel even after posting on the amazo.ca that was delivered and I’m not scarem like others to post it

Dan says:

Prime has failed to deliver on its fast delivery every single time. Until about a month before I subscribed to Prime (Canada) I would often get, NOT two-day “shipping” but, two-day “delivery”! But then deliveries started taking longer. I’m thinking Amazon is trying to encourage people to get Prime – which doesn’t really work as advertised. We can’t forget that we’re at the mercy of Canada Post!!

Kevin says:

When you compare those to Japanese Amazon Prime…
Jp: everything US gets + half price

Kyle says:

Really? I had no idea! Is that just due to population density Kevin?

Anna says:

Not worth it for me. I did a Student Prime trial, and towards the end they couldn’t meet their 2 Day commitment for shipping. When I complained, they would give me a $5 credit – but there was no way to apply the credit, and it didn’t auto-apply to purchases. When I asked about receiving a free month of Prime as compensation (as others I know have received), I was told that wasn’t an option for Student Prime. And the final straw was when I did pay to renew, and they tacked on a miscellaneous fee – not a tax, and they couldn’t explain what the random few extra bucks were. Really soured my impression.

Craig says:

Amazon video service is now coming to Canada soon! We will have to wait and see how it is, but it might definitely make it worth the subscription.

Kyle says:

That would certainly make a better value proposition Craig. Let’s hope we get the US package ASAP!

Craig McAllister says:

I just recently purchased Prime and if you are diligent it will pay for itself. Someone mentioned video games at 20% off on pre-orders. Games are $80 now so if you buy 5 a year it’s paid for. Amazon Basics brand is 20% off. I recently bought paper and cables for my office and saved $10. Also anytime an order is late call customer service and complain. My first order was late. It was due by 9pm and didn’t arrive until noon the next day. I called to complain and they resent the entire order ($120 value) for free and it arrived at 8am the following day. It was all things I will use also. I didn’t ask for the free order either, they just offered.
My next order was also a day late and they extended my annual subscription an extra month. If you call their customer service is really good at making sure you are happy.
Big news though is I read today (Nov 17th) that Prime Video service is coming to Canada in the new year. So maybe Prime is worth it.

Kevin says:

I live in a small town, so there are many items I cannot buy locally. Driving costs 50 cent a km (ask Revenue Canada). Instead of driving 100 kms and wasting my time, I order from Amazon with either 2 day or sometimes 1 day shipping. I often need things quickly, and even 2 or 3 items shipped 2nd day will cost more than an annual subscription. I think I save 20x the cost of the Prime membership in shipping every year, not to mention I no longer drive nearly as much. I wanted an all aluminum snow shovel, and nothing but plastic was available locally. For 3.99 I was clearing my driveway the next morning.

Kyle says:

I’m in the same boat Kevin. It definitely has a premium for us rural folks!

Joy Whitehouse says:

I just got a bill from Amazonca Prime Member & it look it might be a membership. I didn’t sign up for a membership & I want to know how to get a refund.

Kyle says:

You should be able to log into your account and fill out a support ticket Joy. Amazon has been pretty good the couple times I’ve contacted support.

Rod says:

Prime in Canada now offers a whopping 20% off of new video games- that’s a big deal!

Kyle says:

This is a pretty good deal Rod. Especially if you have a couple of people on a Christmas list you can buy games for!

JB says:

I just canceled my Prime account after a THIRD order failed to arrive on time. My whole reason for signing up was to get faster delivery, but Dynamex has dropped the ball just too many times. Don’t bother.

ben says:

One thing I noticed that hasn’t been mentioned is that you get 20% off when you pre-order any games once a prime member. (even up to 2 weeks after release!)

I have been wanting to sign up for prime as well but the deal isn’t worth it to me either. I want those streaming options.

On top of that I have a gripe. Compare the prices of things on amazon.com vs amazon.ca. There is a HUGE difference.

For example, look up : CARBONATER CAP sold by “CARBONATER” on both sites… $13.86 on the .com site, but it’s $50.54 on the .ca site.

I have seen this happen time and time again. that’s not an exchange rate issue. That’s us getting ripped off!

Kyle says:

You’re preaching to the choir on this one ben! I completely agree. Part of that is the difference in purchasing power between the CAD and USD, but even when we were at par you saw this. When our currencies were even I was mailing stuff to my American family members all of the time.

Art says:

I prefer to let a family member pay for Prime and then have them order my items for me! #frugal

Gavin says:

If you subscribe to 5 items a month you save an additional 15% off your entire order. This really helps with lowering the grocery bill and it’s fairly easy to find 5 things that you consume on a monthly basis. I subscribe to diapers(20% off original price), protein powder, 2 packs of spaghetti noodles, toilet paper, and soap. There are other things I subscribe to but they are on a bi-monthly and quarterly schedule.

Before I subscribed to any of this stuff I went to the grocery store to verify that it was worth the cost, and it definitely is. Go to the store and take pictures of items that you use on a regular basis and then compare them to amazon. I save roughly $50 a month.

Kyle says:

That’s a great way to maximize savings Gavin. I think long-term we might even see Amazon Fresh come up to Canada and do a “Chef’s Plate” type of thing as well. My one friend said the only complaint he had about the diapers was that he constantly had to change the size of the automatic order. Great tip – thanks for dropping by!

RomilDh says:

You know where Amazon Prime is really worth it? In the Canadian Arctic. The Canadian government has struggled for decades in trying to figure out how to get goods to the North in an affordable and reliant manner. Along comes Amazon North and suddenly those living in places such as Iqaluit, Nunavut have access to the amazing world of online goods for $99 / a year versus the thousands it costs to get any other way (on a yearly basis).

Kyle says:

Now that is a post all on its own Romil!! I never even considered the North (and I’m a rural Canadian – used to being the one forgotten about!). So Amazon honours their commitment even in Iqaluit? There’s something to say for the free market hey?

Kate says:

I have the student version of Amazon prime as well thanks to my part-time post-grad program, but I’ve been having second thoughts about whether even that discounted cost is worth it for all the reasons you’ve listed here. The textbook discount is helpful, but for the amount of times I use it, I’m feeling like the $39 is still better off in my pocket.

Michael Black says:

I’ve always had a suspicion that the real purpose of Amazon Prime is to serve as a lead-up to the eventual elimination of the longstanding benefit which gives all customers free shipping if their order exceeds $25. Should this perk no longer be available to regular Amazon.ca customers like me

BeachBoy says:

The only reason I have Prime is for the diapers deals… It’s worth it.
But otherwise I would not pay for it in Canada.

Gavin says:

I agree that the lack of features such as the ebook library and music service is a big disappointment, but I am sure it is only a matter of time before it is in Canada.

The 2 day shipping is not what got me to sign up for amazon prime, although it’s a big bonus, it was the amount money and time it ultimately saves me.

I recently became a father to my first child, and naturally being a frugal person, I was interested in how I could save on diaper costs. I compared grocery store prices to wallmart, and wallmart to costco. I then checked amazon and found that I could save the most money when I used their subscription service paired with amazon prime.

Diapers are typically around $25 for an 88 pack in store. My daughter can poop her way through 12 diapers a day, resulting in roughly 360 diapers a month! That would cost me $100 if I were to buy in store. With amazon prime I save 20% on diapers when I subscribe. I pay $18.38 per 88 pack (4 packs/month x $18.38 = $73.52) and it’s shipped to my house every month without having to worry about it. I save roughly $25 bucks a month and I avoid driving to a costco or wallmart where I would risk my sanity. The savings will quickly take care of the $79 yearly fee, and you will save even more on many other purchases you make.

For me amazon prime is a no brainer, but if I was childless I would avoid it and wait the extra couple days for my package or wait for the additional features to reach Canada.

Canucky says:

At least Prime members get 25% off of many Amazon Basics products. That’s one way of directly recouping part of the cost.

Kyle says:

Good point Canucky. For me the positives still outweigh the negatives, but I am envious of my American friends!

Former Primer says:

I was a Prime member in 2015. I live in a large Canadian city but my postal code is officially rural.

Prime deliveries went from 2 days to 4 at some point in the year. That makes Prime worthless.

As an experiment, I placed the same order with 2 accounts, one with Prime, one with free shipping. Prime arrived a day after the super saver shipping.

Kyle says:

That is really sad FP… Makes me re-think this whole “prime” terminology.

Pablo says:

Well, I just dont get the whole ‘unlimited photo storage’. When i try to get amazon drive, im only given the option for a 3 month trial or pay a whole year. You would think that ‘unlimited photo storage’ means free cloud storage.

Kyle says:

Did you try contacting them for an explanation Pablo? I’m curious as well.

ALeigh says:

This is the first and last time I order textbooks on student amazon. I paid for prime shipping and placed an order for almost $400 worth of books. Next day waited around for the order and nothing showed up after calling them and speaking to an extremely rude supervisor named Berna I found out they cancelled my order for suspected fraud because it was my first time ordering and the large amount of the order, but I was never notified. Now after reinstating my account and replacing the same order I paid for express shipping again and still have not received my package. Its now been a week, 7 phone calls, and two emails and still no package. There wasn’t even an explanation as to why I wasn’t contacted when my account was suspected fraudulent, the supervisor only offered me a $10 credit which wouldn’t even cover shipping cost, and I’ve still yet to get any reply from my emails that I’ve sent. Its tempting cause their cheap but do yourselves a favor students and don’t get your textbooks through amazon. The amount of time wasted and the frustration of dealing with there customer service staff isn’t worth the trouble. Now I’m massively behind on my studies and still have NOT received my textbooks.

Shanon says:

I think what Amazon.ca should do beings it’s not enough to just have a few things for Amazon Prime they should maybe add to Prime Members a 15-20% off any items that Amazon offers that discount should be all the time for members not a one time deal and keep the “Free Two Day Shipping” to it’s members and scrap the rest of what they offer. That to me would be more worth it and I’m sure it would be to most people that shop a lot on the site.

Kyle says:

That would make me pretty happy Shanon!

Kristina says:

I shop on the US site mostly. The prices on the Canadian site are insane! But I don’t deter easily so I just hunt for the same product on the US site and I almost always find one that ships to Canada. I wish the prime membership would work on both sites though. On the plus a lot of the items from the US site seem to inc free 2 day shipping anyways, to Canada, in a very rural area to boot. 🙂

Kyle says:

Good point Kristina! As a fellow rural person I definitely see your point. Maybe we all one day dream of a day when American Prime members and Canadian Prime members can stand side by side in equality!

Annette says:

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member for about two years and as an occasional shopper there’s no way it’s worth it. The streaming and accessibility to music is the last straw…I mean, if Apple / iTunes can get us poor, backwoods Canadians access to music, tv show and movies, then why can’t Amazon? I stayed a member because I thought they’d eventually come through, but that hasn’t happened. I’ll be cancelling my Prime membership.

Kyle says:

Love the “poor, backwoods Canadians” Annette! I keep hoping tbh… I order enough that Prime probably equals out for me at present, but I too was hoping for more.

Richard says:

Am I missing something? I don’t see a date anywhere on this post? Was this 2015? I see the copyright for the site at the bottom of the page, but that doesn’t mean this post was then? Has Prime changed for Canada since this post?

Kyle says:

I don’t think it has changed much Richard. It was written about a year ago.

Brian says:

On Prime Day, I signed up for Amazon Prime and couldn’t believe how little there really is in the way of benefits for $79. The Subscribe and Save 20% is pretty cool, but there’s not a lot of stuff my family needs on a regular basis since we cloth diaper and stock up whenever items are on sale.

I live in Niagara Falls, so it’s not a rural area, and generally items arrive within two to three days of me ordering so Prime isn’t really worthwhile.

Kyle says:

If we were to get the same streaming options as they do in the States, would that change your thoughts Brian?

noj dranab says:

“Free two day shipping” via UPS has now become 3 or 4 day shipping via Canada Post. Unless Amazon.ca goes back to using UPS, and actually giving their Prime customers 2 day shipping, I will not be renewing my membership when it comes due. As Canadians, we don’t get ad free music streaming. We don’t get free kindle ebook rentals, and we don’t get unlimited instant videos. American customers get all these things and more. Now it appears they are cheaping out on shipping too. If I do cancel my Prime membership, I will start looking locally for merchants. I’m getting a bit tired of being screwed by Amazon because I’m a Canadian!!! If you really want to get angry, have a look at the prices on Amazon.com for the same product they sell on Amazon.ca. Sometimes the same item is almost double the price on the Canadian website!

Kyle says:

I’ve noticed this as well Noj. Because I live in a rural area if often takes 4 days to get to me. I think Amazon is starting to come to grips with the fact it has never actually turned a profit… Not good for us as consumers that have been enjoying the ride so far!

CJOttawa says:

If Amazon.ca had half the products carried by Amazon.com, Prime might make sense. Further, the prices for many products on Amazon.ca are so completely out of line that it makes more sense to just order through Amazon.com. (micro-fiber towel: $4 on Amazon.com, $14 on Amazon.ca)

Kyle says:

This has been frustrating for me as well CJ. Fortunately I have family in the Northern USA, so when we go see them in the summers I always have a big Amazon order shipped there!

al regehr says:

I was not aware of prime until I notice an email from them advising me I was enrolled, free for a month, & if I did not decline the offer in tho month. Amazon was going to start deducting $ 79/year from my credit card. What if I was away, in hospital, etc ?
I suppose in the fine print they have written in the right to invade my credit card at their will and whim.
This is no way to do proper business in my mind. My former trust has been betrayed. I retracted their right to access to my credit card and refuse to participate with a business with those kinds of ethics.
Very disappointing, as it was going o well until they showed their colors.

Kyle says:

Al, when you sign up it pretty clearly states you will automatically be dinged for the cost when the free trial is over. Are you saying you didn’t sign up for Prime at all? Because if that’s the case I have to believe it was an unintentional hiccup. They would take a lot of flack for just blatantly charging people without any consent right?

Darryl says:

I order frequently from Amazon.ca and love the 2 day delivery service not to mention 3.99 to get it your order in 1 day.
Prime Rocks!

Jovy says:

I’m an Amazon Prime member and I’ve noticed that all my items started arriving 1-5 days late since 2 months ago. What’s puzzling is that, when I use the 1-day $3.99, the items arrive on time! Once I ordered two different items, one using the 2-day free delivery since I’m a Prime member and the other one I paid and additional $3.99 for since I really needed it badly. The 1-day delivery item arrived on time but the 2-day delivery item was late for 2 days and Amazon was citing “courier problem” as the cause… if there is a carrier problem, then why did the other item arrive on time? Could this be a scam to make us pay more?

Kyle says:

Could be Jovy. It could also just have something to do with the different levels of shipping urgency. I know that I get my stuff pretty quick considering the rural area I live in.

Mackenna says:

I signed up for the free trial because the promotional said I would get free two-day shipping on a purchase but when I paid, Amazon told me “this item doesn’t qualify for prime shipping”. Way to turn me off as a customer.

I cancelled immediately because I also learned they would automatically take nearly $80 off my credit card unless I advised them I didn’t want to continue. The company should ask customers if they want to enroll past the free trial, not auto-enroll them.

In conclusion, I cancelled when I learned a) Amazon arbitrarily excludes items and there’s no indication of what qualifies and b) Amazon’s fee for this “service” which appears to be arbitrary is nearly $80 a year. It has scam written all over it. Just a way Amazon can make a load of free cash for little effort.

Kyle says:

Many items that aren’t Amazon original or books don’t qualify Mackenna, especially in Canada. The fee is arbitrary in the same way all fees are arbitrarily set at whatever the market will bear… Also it’s only $40 for the student one, so that’s a pretty decent deal. For me, it has saved that much on shipping charges already.

Karen says:

There is a bonus to Amazon.ca Prime – the 30 day free trial. I just ordered two books to give as Christmas gifts. If I didn’t sign up for the Prime free trial, I would have been subject to a $7 shipping cost and the items would arrive by Dec 23. Now the shipping is free and they will arrive on Dec 19. If I see anything else I want to order, I’ll do so before my trial is up. Then I can cancel without any further obligation.

Should Amazon beef up the Prime service for Canada later on, I will take a closer look at the benefits.

Michael Black says:

Another disadvantage for Canadian Amazon customers is the narrow selection of merchandise offered in Canada. For instance, if I resided in the states, I’d be regularly ordering many small food items that qualify for free Prime shipping. (Think Grocery Gateway with free delivery.) But as a Canadian, I only order about once a month from Canuck Amazon. $79 a year for NO streamed movies and NO e-books is a rip-off.

BeachBoy says:

I order over $5k a year on amazon.com (probably closer to $10k this year with baby on the way) and even shipping to the US, price is not worth it.
1- do you REALLY need 2 day shipping?
2- MANY items are not “prime” so you don’t get the fast shipping anyway… I order everything online from furniture to dog toys…
3- Prime in the US could be worth it if you watch their movies, rent their books, etc.. but for me, as being part time US (every weekend), I can’t enjoy their streaming in Canada.. so it’s not really useful.

So if Prime is not even that useful in the US, I don’t see it being useful in Canada for now.

Teacher Man says:

This is pretty much what I came to as well BB. IF you want to pay for the luxury of 2-day shipping it’s fine, but just realize it’s not really a frugal decision in terms of value. Ten Thou a year on Amazon eh? Do you use their specific credit card then?

BeachBoy says:

Yes I have a US Amazon rewards card.. 3x point son amazon purchases and a nice $3k limit. Plus it’s a true US credit card.

siram says:

The amazon.ca card is issued by Chase bank and does not charge a fee for foreign exchange. Further, you get a $20 amazon credit for every $1000 spent at amazon.ca (not sure if it applies to all amazon globally). That is a 1% discount on amazon purchases. I use the amazon.ca card everywhere outside of Canada and in any country to avoid exchange rate fees. Just be careful if paypal is involved because they nail you for 2.9% exchange fee even with the amazon.ca card. FYI

Kyle says:

Hey Siram, we’re big fans of the card, but you’re slightly off on the $20 per $1,000. It’s actually 2% discount on all Amazon purchases. Cheers.

Rob says:

I love Amazon (I live in Spain so I have access to all of Amazon Europe and prices vary enough to justify the effort. But I do order from Amazon.ca once on a while and what I don’t understand why CDN products carry a 100% or more premium on the same thing ordered from the US. if you plan it carefully I would order everything to your Hotel when your in the states

Teacher Man says:

There are actually some businesses all along the border in Canada that will allow you to ship to them and then pick up your package for a small fee per-item Rob. I myself have family close to the border, so that isn’t a big deal, but I know a lot of people that make liberal use of these businesses.

CF says:

When I read the title I was so excited! I order from amazon sporadically But the streaming content is what I want. Disappointing that it’s not available in Canada.

Teacher Man says:

I know! I’m an Amazon geek too, and was sad that we only get part of the service. Oh well, maybe in a couple of years or so.

Megan says:

What a shame that they don’t provide the same services to Canadians – there really ought to be some difference in the price if the service is so much less. The problem with being a smaller market – it crops up again and again. Annoying if understandable.

Teacher Man says:

Ya, I don’t want to trash Amazon too much since I am addicted and love the accountability they have at that place. It’s just not quite as good a deal as in the States.

Shilpi Roy says:

Two day shipping free is like a jackpot for any seller as well as buyer. I am too addicted to Amazon. Its an online store which I love to explore.